Its all about the Broncos Kindness everywhere after bus crash kills 16

first_imgHUMBOLDT, Sask. – A tragic bus crash that has sunk a Saskatchewan community into deep sorrow has also released an incredible display of human kindness as residents struggle to deal with their grief.Sixteen people died, including 10 players, and another 13 were injured after a transport truck and the bus taking the Humboldt Broncos to a Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League playoff game on April 6 collided at a rural intersection.The driver of the truck was uninjured.People across Canada and from around the world have opened their hearts and wallets. A GoFundMe campaign for the victims and their families has surpassed $10 million — one of the largest drives ever.Humboldt’s only florist has received hundreds of orders from as far away as Australia to send flowers to anyone and everyone affected by the crash.The Canalta Hotel offered free rooms to family members travelling to the small Saskatchewan city after the crash, and provided food and support.“People were phoning and making reservations and they’re just crying and they can hardly get the words out,” said hotel general manager Mary-Jane Wilkinson.“We’d say don’t worry about a credit card. Don’t worry about anything. We’d just get their name and get them booked in so they have a place to put their heads down.”For Wilkinson the accident hit close to home. Her son Richard played hockey in Humboldt from the age of six.“I’ve taken him to the hockey bus so many times to go on road trips, and put his equipment on buses and dropped him off,” she said.“That was really hard for me because the reality was it could have been my kid.”Restaurants have handed out free food. In one instance, an individual driving through a Tim Hortons bought coffee for the next 50 people in line.Boston Pizza, a popular hangout for the team, immediately gave time off to staff who were friends with the players. Servers from other restaurants in the chain came to Humboldt to cover things off.One of the managers, Rino Ferreras, said he wasn’t surprised at the community support.“Everybody knows each other, so everybody is giving their helping hands right away without thinking about getting anything in return,” he said. “That’s what they want to do — give love and give help.”The food manager for the City of Humboldt said he has watched semi-trailers full of water, soda and edibles come into the Humboldt Uniplex every day.“We want for nothing,” said Alex Wilson.Myles Shumlanski, whose son Nick survived the crash, said the public support has been unbelievable.“Everywhere you go, everybody wants to help you out. Nick’s keys for his vehicle got lost. One of his bosses just phoned (and said) ‘We’re going to drop him off a truck and a card key so tell him he’s good.’“Everybody just wants to help. They just wish they could do more. It’s everywhere.”Former NHL player Sheldon Kennedy, who was with the Western Hockey League Swift Current Broncos and on the team bus when it crashed in 1986, said hockey is beyond important for small towns.“You knew people were going to feel that they needed to help and give and show their support. In those communities the only way they can operate a hockey team is by everybody pulling on the rope.”Wilkinson agrees.“Even if you’re not involved in hockey here … it’s all about the Broncos in this community.”— Follow @BillGraveland on Twitterlast_img read more

Fish Creek Trail System to be developed

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – At the recent Committee of the Whole Meeting, City staff made a presentation to Council members regarding the Fish Creek Trails, the current state of the closed Silviculture Trail and how to make improvements to the trails.A portion of the Fish Creek trail system has been closed for approximately 5 years. The Fish Creek Trails located in the Community Forrest behind the Northern Lights College is a popular outside destination for users of the trails to get outside and be in nature.The closure of Silviculture trail was due to sliding from the above slope and the damage and debris of fallen trees from the years of being left unattended. Council passed a motion that the Silviculture trail would now be closed permanently for public use and that City staff engage with local wildlife experts to look at the new trail and other options.To view the presentation; CLICK HERE To view the Request for Direction; CLICK HERE City staff with the help of Urban Systems retained SNC Lavalin to review and provide their input regarding the stability of the slope and recommendations for the Silviculture Trail. What SNC Lavalin shared is that the primary issue with the Silviculture trail due to the erosion of the hillside above the trail, that the toe of the slope will continue to erode over the years.The two methods SNC Lavalin suggested fixing the trail would have a significant impact on the surroundings and would be a high cost to the City. The construction of a new trail network was presented as an alternative suggestion as well as proposing the permanent closure of the Silviculture trail.Robin Langille, Director of Facilities and Grounds for the City of Fort St. John shared in his presentation to Council the potential new trails would increase the length of the trail network and increase connectivity through the trails.An internal loop trail or the figure 8 trail was recognized as a potential solution to the trail system as Langille shares they found a trail that the footing of the trail has already had alignment and grading created, going on to share it has probably been used by people yet the ‘entranceway’ to the trail was not so noticeable and would require being opened up.Once the presentation was completed, Mayor Lori Ackerman voiced her concerns with the new trail addressed in the presentation that might actually have been created by Wildlife. Ackerman shares she wants to keep both wildlife and users of the trails separate from each other, to keep both safe by limiting opportunities to have surprise interactions. Ackerman goes on to share the City needs to know in fact, if this is a game trail by involving a B.C. Conservation Officer or someone with Wildlife experience before the City staff proceeds with implementing the new trail system.Until the City staff are advised by a Wildlife Professional, the professional’s opinion will determine if they can proceed if this is not a game trail or the plans will have to be revisited if it is.last_img read more

112YearOld Masazo Nonaka Enters Guinness Records as Worlds Oldest Man

By Ahlam Ben SagaRabat- After the previous “World’s Oldest Man,” Francisco Nuñez Olivera passed away at the age of 113, 112-year-old Japanese man, Masazo Nonaka, has taken up the title in the Guinness World Records.Flashing the world’s oldest smile to the camera while taking bites of the cake offered to him on the occasion, Masazo Nonaka celebrated 112 years. Nonaka won the title “World’s Oldest Man” per the official Guinness records certificate he received on Tuesday, April 10, in his hometown, Ashoro on the island of Hokkaido in Japan. Nonaka was born on July 25, 1905. Today, he is precisely 112 years and 260 days old. Guinness World Records notes that Nonaka was born just months before Einstein published his major theory of relativity. In 1931, Nonaka married Hatsuno with whom he has five children.Nonaka, whose family owns and runs a 105-year-old Japanese onsen (mineral bath and spa), owes his longevity to soaking in hot springs coupled with eating sweets. However, his granddaughter Yuko Nonaka had a different perspective, as she emphasized that, “he lives his life in a way that doesn’t bring him stress,” and “if he doesn’t want something, he’ll make sure everyone knows about it.”The super-centenarian spent the early days of his retirement sumo-wrestling, reading newspapers, and eating all kinds of sweets. He now spends his time surrounded by his family and cozied up with his pet cats of whom he is very fond.His granddaughter told Agence France-Presse (AFP) that, although he uses a wheelchair to move around, his general condition is good.It took the Guinness World Records senior consultant Robert Young an extensive research process to confirm that Nonaka is indeed the “World’s Oldest Man.”“Mr Nonaka’s achievement is remarkable… he can teach us all an important lesson about the value of life and how to stretch the limits of human longevity,” expressed Guinness World Records Chief Editor, Craig Glenday.The all-time “Oldest Person Ever” title still belongs to Jeanne Louise Calment from France who lived for 122 years and passed in 1997.As a note, Guinness Records is conducting  research to find the world’s Oldest Living Woman. read more

Building sector can play key role in combating global warming UN report

“The savings that can be made right now are potentially huge and the costs to implement them relatively low if sufficient numbers of Governments, industries, businesses and consumers act,” UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Executive Director Achim Steiner said of the measures that range from revamping ventilation systems to replacing the traditional incandescent light bulb. “By some conservative estimates, the building sector worldwide could deliver emission reductions of 1.8 billion tonnes of C02. A more aggressive energy efficiency policy might deliver over 2 billion tonnes or close to three times the amount scheduled to be reduced under the Kyoto Protocol,” he added, referring to the pact setting legally binding emission reduction targets for 35 industrialized countries in the 2008-2012 period. The report – Buildings and Climate Change: Status, Challenges and Opportunities – produced by UNEP’s Sustainable Construction and Building Initiative (SBCI), pushes for greater use of existing technologies like thermal insulation, solar shading and more efficient lighting and electrical appliances. In the lifetime of an average building most energy is consumed not for construction but for heating, cooling, lighting, cooking and ventilation. Typically more than 80 per cent of total energy consumption occurs during use and less than 20 per cent during construction. Citing the example of Europe, the report says more than one fifth of present energy consumption and up to 45 million tonnes of CO2 per year could be saved by 2010 by applying more ambitious standards to new and existing buildings. “Energy efficiency, along with cleaner and renewable forms of energy generation, is one of the pillars upon which a de-carbonized world will stand or fall,” Mr. Steiner said, noting that several countries, including Australia, Cuba and the European Union, are looking to phase out or ban the traditional incandescent light bulb that has been around for well over a century in various forms. The International Energy Agency estimates that a total global switch to compact fluorescent bulbs would, in 2010, deliver C02 savings of 470 million tonnes, or slightly over half of the Kyoto reductions. “We have to ask what the hurdles are, if any, to achieving such positive low cost change and set about decisively and swiftly to overcome them, if they exist at all,” Mr. Steiner said. SBCI Chairman Olivier Luneau added that advanced and expensive high-tech solutions were often not needed. “Simple solutions can include sun shading and natural ventilation, improved insulation of the building envelope, use of recycled building materials, adoption of the size and form of the building to its intended use, etc,” he said. “Of course you can achieve even better results if more sustainable construction system solutions are used, such as intelligent lighting and ventilation systems, low temperature heating and cooling systems and energy saving household appliances.” The report stresses the importance of appropriate government policies on building codes, energy pricing and financial incentives that encourage reductions in energy consumption. In developed countries the main challenge is to achieve emission reduction among mostly existing buildings, and this can largely be done by reducing the use of energy. In other parts of the world, especially places like China where almost 2 billion square meters of new building space is added every year, the challenge is to leapfrog directly to more energy efficient building solutions, the report says. 29 March 2007The right mix of appropriate government regulation, greater use of energy saving technologies and behavioural change can substantially reduce global-warming carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the building sector, which accounts for 30 to 40 per cent of total energy use, according to a United Nations reported released today. read more

Joint statement condemns Jaffna arrests

Vavuniya Police have assured the students and the parents that they would be released subject to being produced before the Vavuniya Magistrate. The parents and the four students waited at the Vavuniya police station from 8am – 3pm on December 3 for the Vavuniya Magistrate to return from Colombo.However the students have not been produced before the Magistrate so far. We are concerned by evidence that the university authorities have been informed by the Deputy Inspector General for the Northern Province that detention orders have been issued for the four students as on December 2. The parents of the students have not been provided a copy of the detention order to date. Of the three remaining students summoned in the document dated November 3, two students have already graduated from the University of Jaffna and are employed under the Government Graduate Scheme in Nedunkerny, (Vavuniya District).Six of the seven students named in the letter dated 30th November have been active and outspoken members of the Jaffna University Student Union post war. The students have organized and participated in several protests and campaigns against human rights violations allegedly committed by the Sri Lanka Army in the North. On November 28, they were involved in organising a silent protest against the intimidation and attacks by the Sri Lanka Army on university students on the previous day. So far no charges or evidence has been produced linking the students with the alleged arson attack. The students have also not been produced before either the Vavuniya or Jaffna Magistrate. We are therefore deeply concerned with regard to the legality of their continued detention. The parents of one student met all four students at the Vavuniya TID office on Monday, December 3. We the undersigned, strongly condemn the arrest of four students of the University of Jaffna (UoJ) by the Terrorism Investigation Department (TID) on Thursday, November 29, 2012. While welcoming the release of Kanesamoorthy Sutharsan, a student of the Jaffna Medical Faculty on the morning of Tuesday, December 4, we condemn the continued detention of the remaining three Jaffna University Student Union members: Sanmugam Solaman (24), Kanagasundram Jenamajenth, and Student Union Secretary Paramalingam Tharshaanan (24). Sri-TELO had opened its office at Thirunelvely near the Jaffna University, only a week prior to the alleged arson attack. The students were later charged with putting up posters around the Jaffna University relating to Maaveerar Naal (LTTE heroes/martyrs day) which fell on Tuesday, November 27, 2012.Following the summons, Sanmugam Solaman and Kanagasundram Jenamajenth surrendered to the Kopai Police at 1300hrs on Thursday, November 29, accompanied by two Jaffna University lecturers and a lawyer. At the time of arrest, the lecturers were shown a document in Sinhala, which appeared to be the letter issued by the Officer in Charge of the Kopai police, dated Friday, November 30 (Ref No. OIC/KP/ODB/6067/2012), to the head of security at the Jaffna University. It stated that the seven students listed in the document must appear at Kopai Police station to make a statement on November 30, in relation to a complaint made to the Kopai police by one Somasuriyasingham Senthuran of Kondavil West (Jaffna District), on November 29.The two students Sanmugam Solaman and Kanagasundram Jenamajenth, were subsequently handed over to the TID office in Vavuniya (Vavuniya District) on November 30. Two more students – Paramalingam Tharshaanan and Kanesamoorthy Sutharsan – were arrested by the Kopai Police at 0100hrs on November 30 from their temporary residences in Kaladdi and Urumpirai (Jaffna District) and handed over to the TID office in Vavuniya on Saturday, November 31.All four students are currently being held at the Vavuniya TID office. The families of the students have so far not been provided with any official document relating to their detention or charges. On November 30, the police raided and ransacked the houses of two other students from the Jaffna University. The names of these students were not included in the letter dated November 30. According to the students, the raid was carried out by Police officers and persons in civilian clothes who did not disclose their identity. One student was also subjected to intimidation and questioning by the officers.The other student’s house was ransacked twice on the morning of November 30, and early morning on December 1. Since the student was not at his house on both occasions, the officers instructed his parents that he must surrender to the Point Pedro Police immediately.In light of the facts above, we are deeply concerned that the students’ arrests are baseless and politically motivated, and constitute an act of reprisal against their activism and campaign against human rights violations by the Sri Lanka Army. Jaffna University students are presently carrying out a protest campaign against these arrests and several acts of intimidation and attacks carried out by the Sri Lanka Army against Jaffna University students. Students have boycotted their classes in protest and many students have left hostel premises in fear of further attacks or arrests.We are also deeply concerned about the impact of these actions by security forces on the Jaffna University, which has been brought to a virtual standstill, and the adverse repercussions on the students’ academic work and their safety and security within the university.We reiterate the call by the University Teachers Association of Jaffna (UTAJ) in its Open Letter to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna to take all measures to ensure the immediate release of the detained students and obtain assurance in order to create a more secure and conducive environment for teaching and learning within the University that no further student arrests will be made by security forces; to ensure the immediate removal of the presence of military, police and security checkpoints in the university environs since November 27; and ensure that no outside person, particularly military and police personnel, be permitted to enter the Jaffna University and hostel premises without the prior permission of University authorities.We therefore call on the Sri Lankan Government to: Release with immediate effect the three detained students in the absence of clear evidence linking them to the alleged crime Permit the students access to legal assistance and regular visits by their family members Ensure the safety, and physical and mental wellbeing of the students currently held in detention Put an immediate halt to any further arrests, acts of intimidation, harassment and reprisals carried out by the Sri Lanka Army on students from the University of Jaffna Stop all interference by security forces and law enforcement authorities in the internal administration of the University of Jaffna and its student body Investigate into all past attacks of violence against students of the University of Jaffna, including incidents where the perpetrator/s is unknownOn the morning of 6th December, 2012, the Kopai Police have handed over a list of a further 10 students to the University authorities to be handed over to the Police for questioning, over an undisclosed charge.The list includes five students from the Jaffna University Medical Faculty and the Presidents of the Jaffna University Student Union, Science Faculty Union and Management Faculty Union. Currently the five Medical Faculty students are being accompanied by the Faculty Dean and lecturers, to the Vavuniya TID office for questioning. The situation in the Jaffna University remains tense and volatile.Signed by:CLERGY1. Most Rev. Dr. Rayappu Joseph – Bishop of the Diocese of Mannar2. Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Savundranayagam – Bishop of the Diocese of Jaffna3. Most Rev. Dr. Norbert Andradi OMI – Bishop of the Diocese of Anuradhapura4. Most Rev. Dr. Raymond Wickramasinghe – Bishop of the Diocese of Galle5. Most Rev. Dr. Harold Anthony Perera – Bishop of the Diocese of Kurunegala6. Ven. Buddhiyagama Chandra Rathna Thero7. Bishop Duleep de Chickera – Diocese of Colombo8. Rt. Revd. Kumara Illangasinghe – Bishop Emeritus of Kurunagala9. Fr. Arulanandam10. Fr. Jeyabalan Croos11. Fr. R. Augustine12. Fr. Yoges13. Rev. Jason J. Selvaraja – Assembly of God Church, Chavakachcheri14. Rev. Fr. Lawrence Gnanathicam15. Rev. Fr. M. Sathivel – Christian Solidarity Movement16. Rev. Fr. S. Mahesan17. Rev. Reid Fernando – Chaplain of YCW/CWM Archdiocese of Colombo18. Sr. Angela Fernando19. Sr. Helen Fernando20. Sr. Immaculate21. Sr. Marie Angela Cooray22. Sr. Mary Christine23. Sr. Milburga FernandoORGANIZATIONS24. Ainslie Joseph – Christian Alliance for Social Action (CASA)25. Balasingham Skanthakumar – Law & Society Trust, Colombo26. Brito Fernando – Families of the Disappeared27. Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu – Executive Director, Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA)28. Herman Kumara – National Fisheries Solidarity Movement (NAFSO)29. J.C. Weliamuna – Convener, Lawyers for Democracy30. N.A. Sampath Pushpakumara – Rights Now Collective for Democracy31. Nadeeshani Bahabandara – Women’s Political Academy32. Nimalka Fernando – Executive Director, International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR) Asia33. Padmini Weerasooriya – Mothers and Daughters of Lanka34. Philip Dissanayaka – Right to Life Human Rights Centre35. Sanjendra Vignaraja – Project Manager, American Center for International Labor36. Saroja Sivachandran – Centre for Women and Development, Jaffna37. Sepali Kottegoda – Women & Media Collective38. Sriya Ahangama – Women’s Centre39. Sudarshana Gunawardana – Rights Now Collective for Democracy40. Sunil Jayasekara – Free Media Movement (FMM)41. Sunila Abeysekera – Executive Director, INFORM Human Rights Documentation Centre42. Thiruni Kelegama, Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi43. Udaya Kalupathirana – INFORM Human Rights Documentation Centre44. Visaka Dharmadasa – Association of War Affected Women (AWAW)45. Activist for Human Rights (AHR)46. Human Rights Defenders Network, Sri Lanka47. Networking for Rights in Sri Lanka48. Women’s Action NetworkINDIVIDUALS49. Amal De Chickera50. Ananda Jayasekera51. Anushaya Collure52. Ayeshea Perera53. Bhavani Fonseka – Attorney-at-law54. Chandraguptha Thenuwara55. Chulani Kodikara56. Deanne Uyangoda57. Dharisha Bastians58. Dilshy Banu59. Dinidu de Alwis – Freelance Journalist60. Divya Martyn61. Dr. Leonie Solomons62. Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai63. Dylan Perera64. Ermiza Tegal – Attorney-at-Law65. Francis Solomantine66. Hans Billimoria67. Harean Hettiarachchi68. I.D. Geethika Dharmasinghe69. Iromi Perera70. Jagath Liyanarachchi – Attorney-at-law71. Jake Oorloff72. Jay Gunewardena73. Jayanthi Kuru-Utumpala74. Jehanki Anandha75. Jovita Arulanantham76. Juanita Arulanantham – Attorney-at-Law77. Juliana Arulanantham78. K.S. Ratnavale – Attorney-at-law79. Krishan Rajapakshe80. Kushlani Perera81. Kusum Weeratunge82. Luwie Ganeshathasan83. M.M. Jihad Al Shajhan84. Mahendran Thiruvarangan85. Maria Emmanuel86. Marisa de Silva87. Mathuri Thamilmaran – Attorney-at-Law88. Megara Tegal89. Melisha Yapa90. Mirak Raheem91. Mohamed Hisham92. Nalini Sivathasan93. Nicola Perera94. Nigel V. Nugawela95. Nihal de Silva96. Niran Anketell97. Nirmanusan Balasundaram – Independent Journalist / Human Rights Advocate98. Nishan de Mel99. P.N. Singham100. Paba Deshapriya101. Prabu Deepan102. Priya Thangarajah103. Priyanthie de Silva104. Punitharani Markpillai105. Ruki Fernando106. S.C. Asoka Obeyesekere107. Sankha Ranadheera Vithana108. Scholastica Perera109. Selyna Peiris110. Shehan de Alwis111. Shreen Abdul Saroor112. Suchetha Wijenayake113. Sumith Chaminda Leelarathne114. Sunanda Deshapriya115. Thiagi Piyadasa116. Thushari Madahapola117. Vaidehi Perera118. Velayutham Jayachitra119. Vinoth Ramachandra120. W.A. Upul Wickramasinghe – Chemist121. Zainab Ibrahim The four are part of a group of seven Jaffna University students who were summoned by the Kopai Police (in the Jaffna District) on Thursday, November 29, 2012, in connection with an alleged arson (petrol bomb) attack on the office of the Sri Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO) in Thirunelvely, Jaffna. A joint statement signed by the clergy, intellectuals, journalists, the public and others, has condemned the arrest and unlawful detention of four students from the University of Jaffna.The statement said:  read more

Two more Navy officers arrested over abductions

Two more Navy officers have been arrested over the abduction and disappearance of 11 youth.The two Navy officers were arrested by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID). Former Navy Lieutenant Commander Chandana Hettiaracchi aka Navy Sampath, wis already in remanded over the abduction of the 11 youth.The 11 youth had been abducted between 2008 and 2009. (Colombo Gazette)

Young Ohio State womens basketball team set for season opener against Virginia

Freshman forward Alexa Hart (22) controls the ball during an exhibition game against Eckerd College on Nov. 9 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU won, 92-73. Credit: Alex Drummer / Oller reporterWith a young and depleted roster, the Ohio State women’s basketball team is set to start its regular season this weekend.The Buckeyes are coming off a 92-73 win in an exhibition game at home against Eckerd College on Sunday. Coach Kevin McGuff said he liked the effort he saw from the team on offense, but still has concerns about defense as OSU gets set to travel to Charlottesville, Va., to play Virginia on Friday before taking on St. Francis (Pa.) at home Sunday.“I thought we did some good things on offense, shared the ball, played fairly aggressively on that end,” McGuff said. “(We) didn’t play as well defensively as we needed to.”McGuff noted that the team’s defensive issues weren’t caused by a lack of effort, but a lack of discipline and execution. McGuff said the team will have to work on managing every possession moving forward.“We’ll have to have a really good week of preparation,” McGuff said. “I think we’re close on a lot of possessions, we just have to get a little bit better to finish those possessions out the right way.”With redshirt-freshman guard Kianna Holland and freshmen forwards Chelsea Mitchell and Makayla Waterman out for the season with injuries, OSU is hoping for help with the return of redshirt-senior guard Amy Scullion. Scullion had decided to forgo her senior season in order to attend medical school, but is expected to return to the team soon.“We’re still working out some of the logistical issues in terms of what her schedule is,” McGuff said. “There will be some days where she misses practice or in some cases maybe miss a game, we’re still fine-tuning that stuff, but it’s going to happen.”McGuff added that the current plan is for Scullion to travel with the team on Friday.The Buckeyes are also looking forward to the return of redshirt-sophomore forward Kalpana Beach, who missed the last two seasons because of knee injuries. Beach said she sees room for self-improvement but was excited to play in the exhibition game.“I still feel like I have a lot of work to do but it felt good getting back out there,” Beach said. “I think I’m just going to keep getting better from here, but it’s definitely good to get that experience.”Beach scored four points on 1-of-8 shooting in 22 minutes against Eckerd College on Sunday.OSU has a young roster that includes three freshmen in the starting lineup and no current seniors, as Scullion has not yet been officially added on the roster. Freshman forward Alexa Hart said she’s looking forward to playing in her first official collegiate game, even though she’ll have a bigger role than she initially expected.“I’m actually kind of excited because now I can actually get the real feeling of playing college basketball,” Hart said. “I was expecting to come off the bench but I guess it is kind of exciting to start for a college team.”OSU is set to open its season against the Cavaliers on Friday at 7 p.m. The Buckeyes are then scheduled to play St. Francis on Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Schottenstein Center. read more

Hot Takedown for March 17 2015 Bracketology NFL Free Agency and Chris

By Chadwick Matlin, Neil Paine, Kate Fagan and Jody Avirgan Welcome to this week’s episode of Hot Takedown, our podcast where the hot sports takes of the week meet the numbers that prove them right or tear them down. This week, we discuss the start of March Madness and what the FiveThirtyEight men’s and women’s brackets reveal; whether Chip Kelly is a free-agency genius; and the retirement of 49ers linebacker Chris Borland at the age of 24.Stream the episode by clicking play above, or subscribe using one of the podcast clients below. More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed Links to what we discuss in this week’s show:FiveThirtyEight’s March Madness predictions.Ken Pomeroy’s college basketball ratings.Seth Davis’s story in Sports Illustrated about the pace of play in men’s college basketball.The UConn women’s team’s incredible margin of victory this season.Neil’s conversation with Benjamin Morris and Walt Hickey about Chip Kelly’s mad spree.Chris Borland talks about his decision to retire from football. Embed Code If you’re a fan of our podcasts, be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts and leave a rating/review. That helps spread the word to other listeners. And get in touch by email, on Twitter or in the comments. Tell us what you think, send us hot takes to discuss and tell us why we’re wrong. read more

Tougher food labelling proposed to prevent allergy deaths

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The department said the consultation was designed to give the UK’s two million food allergy sufferers greater confidence in the safety of their food.Michael Gove, Environment Secretary, said he wanted to ensure food labels were clearer and rules for businesses more consistent.He added: “Natasha’s parents have suffered a terrible loss, and I want to pay tribute to Nadim and Tanya for their inspirational work to deliver Natasha’s law.”We want to ensure that labels are clearer and that the rules for businesses are more consistent – so that allergy sufferers in this country can have confidence in the safety of their food.”Many businesses are already bringing changes on board independently, and in the meantime they should continue doing all they can to give consumers the information they need.”The proposed reforms cover labelling requirements for foods that are packed on the same premises from which they are sold – such as a packaged sandwich or salad made by staff earlier in the day and placed on a shelf for purchase.Currently, these foods are not required to carry labels, and information on allergens can be given in person by the food business if asked by the customer.The department is urging businesses and allergy suffers to have their say on four options being put forward to change the way allergy advice is provided on these foods.Proposals include mandating full ingredient listing , allergen-only labelling, “ask the staff” labels on all products, or promoting “best practice around communicating allergen information to consumers”.Miss Ednan-Laperouse died in 2016 following an allergic reaction to sesame in a baguette from Pret A Manger. The ingredient was not listed on the label.In a statement issued by solicitors Leigh Day, her parents Nadim and Tanya Ednan-Laperouse welcomed the consultation.They added: “It is now vital that the industry seizes the opportunity to support Natasha’s Law.”For too long, food producers and retailers have been playing Russian Roulette with people’s lives.”If you sell allergens, which to many people can be poisons, you should have a public, moral and legal duty to inform customers.”There must be no backsliding where profits are put before safety.”Full and transparent labelling for allergen sufferers is the key to giving people the information they need to stay safe.”Anything less cannot be a law in Natasha’s name.”It shouldn’t be too much to ask so that other families don’t have to go through the unbearable grief that we will always endure.”Allergy UK chief executive Carla Jones also welcomed the announcement and said the food industry needed to do “more than just the bare minimum” when catering for the allergic community.The consultation on proposed amendments to the domestic Food Information Regulations 2014 will run for nine weeks. The Government has set out new proposals to toughen food labelling laws and protect the two million food allergy suffers across the country.The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has launched a consultation into food labelling laws focusing on overhauling the labelling of pre-prepared foods such as sandwiches and salads which are made, packaged and sold in the same stores.The move follow the death of teenager Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, who died after suffering an allergic reaction to a Pret A Manger baguette.Her parents have been calling for a new so-called “Natasha’s Law” to make all pre-packaged food to clearly show allergens.Under current rules food prepared on the premises in which it is sold is not required to display allergen information on the package, Defra said.But under the proposed reforms, published on Friday, food outlets selling pre-packaged food directly for sale could be required to follow new rules including making full ingredients labelling required by law. read more

Justice for Cyprus rally

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Justice of Cyprus Coordinating Committee are organising a month of events for July to remember the 1974 invasion of Cyprus by Turkey. The committee will use these events to remember the loss of ancestral homelands to an invading army intent on ethnic cleansing of the northern part of the island of its majority Greek / Cypriot inhabitants and creating a permanent partition. The week of events will end with a Rally for Cyprus on Sunday 17 July. The aim of the rally, organised by the Justice of Cyprus Coordinating Committee, is “to call attention to and to protest the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, the continuing illegal occupation, the violation of human rights of the people of Cyprus”. The rally will begin at 1.00 pm on Lonsdale Street and will end at the steps of the Parliament of Victoria. Yesterday, there was a demonstration outside the Turkish embassy to demonstrate against the Turkish invasion and continuing illegal occupation and to demand the right of return of all refugees to their ancestral homes. On Friday 15 July, there will be a candlelit vigil outside Parliament House. This vigil will be symbolic of the patience and determination to see a reunified Cyprus where all human rights are respected, including the rights of refugees to return to their homes. This will take place between 5.00 pm and 6.00 pm. Later that night, there will be a Frugal Supper held at the Cyprus Community of Melbourne and Victoria Centre, 499 Lygon Street, East Brunswick. This supper will commemorate the hardships suffered by the thousands of Greek-Cyrpiots who fled their homes and villages as the Turkish army advanced, leaving all their possessions behind. They believed their absence would be temporary, but 37 years later they are still waiting their return. There will be a short musical program, speeches by various dignitaries and information regarding the latest developments. This will take place from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm. A memorial service for the fallen will take place Sunday 17 July at 10.00 am at Saint Efstathios Church, Dorcas Street, South Melbourne. There will also be a literary work on the Cyprus struggle at 11.45 am at the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria, corner Russell and Lonsdale Streets.last_img read more

Wikio lance LesExpertscom

first_imgWikio lance Les-Experts.comLe groupe Wikio compte se lancer dans le rédactionnel en ligne grâce au site Le concept ? Des internautes rémunérés doivent écrire sur les sujets les plus recherchés sur le web.Les internautes participeront activement au site Ils répondront à des questions que se posent des particuliers sur les blogs Wikio. Les rédacteurs seront rémunérés au mot ou à la ligne et le contenu sera exclusif. Les rémunérations varieront selon les succès des articles.D’autres sites comme Suite101 ou Associated Content ont déjà adopté ce modèle, qui souffre néanmoins d’un problème au niveau des droits d’auteur d’où la faible participation des journalistes en herbe. Concernant le référencement, ce sont les équipes des Experts qui s’occuperont de faire bénéficier aux oeuvres des meilleures places sur les moteurs de recherche. Afin de crédibiliser les articles, les dirigeants du site comptent sur les critiques des internautes. Mille experts-contributeurs sont attendus en France.Le 8 décembre 2010 à 15:02 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Cinq femmes se sont fait retirer des prothèses PIP en Belgique

first_imgCinq femmes se sont fait retirer des prothèses PIP en BelgiqueSamedi, l’Agence fédérale belge des médicaments et des produits de santé (AFMPS) a annoncé que cinq femmes avaient fait retirer leur implant défectueux PIP en Belgique. En décembre dernier, les autorités sanitaires françaises ont préconisé que toutes les femmes porteuses de prothèses PIP se les fassent retirer. Une recommandation qui a déclenché un vent de panique chez les quelques 30.000 porteuses à la période des fêtes. Aujourd’hui, bien que les spécialistes soulignent qu’il n’y ait pas d’urgence, les autorités sanitaires essaient donc d’organiser les choses pour que toutes les femmes obtiennent un rendez-vous avec un chirurgien en vue de se faire retirer les prothèses. À lire aussiLe virus de Schmallenberg se répand dans 80 exploitations belgesEn Belgique le 23 décembre dernier, les autorités ont seulement recommandé un examen systématique aux femmes porteuses d’implants et le retrait en cas de rupture, de suspicion de rupture ou de suintement. Samedi, l’Agence fédérale belge des médicaments et des produits de santé (AFMPS) a ainsi annoncé que cinq femmes s’étaient fait retirer des prothèses en décembre. “En Belgique, un arrêté royal oblige les professionnels de santé à notifier les incidents. Nous avons reçu quatre notifications pour rupture” des implants, “et une autre femme a demandé à se les faire retirer préventivement”, a expliqué à l’AFP une porte-parole, Ann Eeckhout.  Interrogé par le quotidien Le Soir, le Dr Jean-Luc Nizet, chef du service de chirurgie plastique du CHU (centre hospitalier universitaire) de Liège et président de la Société royale de chirurgie plastique de Belgique, a indiqué qu’une centaine de femmes avaient signalé avoir reçu des prothèses mammaires PIP dans le pays. “Mais nous ne savons pas s’il s’agit d’un chiffre proche du total ou encore partiel”, a-t-il précisé cité par l’AFP. Comme l’a indiqué Ann Eeckhout, le faible nombre de porteuses pourrait s’expliquer par le fait que les implants défectueux “n’ont pas été utilisés dans le secteur hospitalier, mais seulement dans de petites cliniques privées”.  Le 9 janvier 2012 à 12:37 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Des mesures durbanisme pour développer Paris en vert

first_imgDes mesures d’urbanisme pour développer Paris en “vert”Une étude française a donné une idée des mesures d’urbanisme qu’il faudrait développer pour pouvoir verdir Paris et mieux protéger les citadins face aux impacts du changement climatique sans faire exploser les prix de l’immobilier.Une étude française réalisée par l’économiste Stéphane Hallegatte et le spécialiste du climat Vincent Viguié, du Cired (Centre international de recherche sur l’environnement et le développement) a passé au banc d’essai les mesures d’urbanisme qui permettraient de “verdir” Paris. Parue dans la revue Nature Climate Change, l’étude propose ainsi un modèle informatique d’urbanisme plus “vert” en région parisienne. À lire aussiJournée mondiale de l’environnement : Quelques astuces pour un mode de vie plus écolo au bureauLes objectifs évalués visaient à permettre un accès au logement, à réduire les gaz à effet de serre, à réduire les risques naturels et à lutter contre l’étalement urbain. Il s’agissait également de réduire la place de l’automobile et de mieux protéger les citadins face aux impacts du changement climatique. Comme l’explique M. Hallegatte cité par l’AFP, “en l’absence d’action spécifique, l’étalement urbain va se prolonger et on aura en 2030 encore plus de zones à basse densité de population qui dépendent de l’automobile”. Mais la solution est relativement simple selon lui. Il suffirait “d’interdire toute nouvelle construction au-delà des limites de l’agglomération”.Toutefois, les choses sont plus compliquées que cela dans la mesure où il n’y a déjà pas suffisamment de logements. De plus, le prix de l’immobilier flamberait. Les chercheurs y ont pensé. Le modèle développé propose ainsi la mise en œuvre simultanée des diverses mesures proposées. En effet, l’étude montre que c’est l’application combinée de trois politiques qui permet de régler les problèmes logistiques et sociétaux. Cela reviendrait à : interdire les constructions au-delà des limites actuelles de l’agglomération parisienne, établissant ainsi une “ceinture verte” ; développer les transports en commun (avec un tarif unique de 14 euros par mois) ; interdire les constructions en zone inondable, des inondations plus fréquentes étant attendues avec le réchauffement. Des négociations climat difficiles “Chacune des politiques compense les problèmes créés par les deux autres”, relève Vincent Viguié. “Au niveau international, les négociations climat sont bloquées. A l’échelle nationale, le sujet a aussi du mal à avancer. Aujourd’hui, c’est vraiment au niveau des politiques locales qu’il revient de progresser” sur les questions environnementales, souligne Stéphane Hallegatte. Avec ces travaux, “on veut montrer que faire de l’environnement n’est pas forcément contradictoire avec l’accès au logement ou la qualité de vie”, conclut l’économiste. Le 15 mars 2012 à 09:37 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Marijuana busts in Nassau Eleuthera

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, March 31, 2017 – Nassau – Some drug busts have taken marijuana off the streets on two islands, New Providence and Eleuthera.  Police say they got a pillow case of marijuana on Gun Hill road, Nassau yesterday around noon; it appears no one was around for that discovery and so no one was arrested.In another case in Russell Island, Eleuthera, police gave chase to a man who broke into a run after acting suspiciously upon seeing the Police officers who were on mobile patrol.  That man allegedly dropped the bag he was holding and it was found to have had two pounds of marijuana.  No suspect was caught.On Briland, also on Thursday around 6pm on Barrack Street, marijuana again found already allegedly packaged in 26 foil wraps.  A man was taken into custody for that illicit find.#MagneticMediaNews#drugbustsinNassauandEleuthera#marijuanaoffstreetsinNassauandEleathera Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:#drugbustsinNassauandEleuthera, #magneticmedianews, #marijuanaoffstreetsinNassauandEleatheralast_img read more

School bus clips power line near Yacolt

first_imgCall it an electric ending to the school year.A Battle Ground school bus carrying 38 students home from their final day of class Friday struck and snapped a power pole, knocking a live power line onto its roof and causing a brief, local power outage.Students were trapped in the bus for several minutes.But no one was reported injured following the incident, shortly before 1 p.m.Route 13 bus riders had been picked up from Amboy Middle and Yacolt Primary schools, 19 students apiece, a school district spokesman said.The bus was operated by Petermann Northwest, private school bus contractor for Battle Ground Public Schools.Headed north just outside Yacolt, the bus apparently veered off Northeast Worthington Road and into a ditch near 354th Street, clipping the power pole.The driver kept riders inside and radioed for assistance.Crews from Fire District 13 and North Country EMS arrived within minutes to evaluate all the passengers and the driver, while keeping the scene secure.Soon afterward, a Clark Public Utilities crew arrived to deal with the shattered pole and downed power wire.The crew cut the power, and removed the pole and line from the bus before restoring power to 981 customers after a three-minute outage, a utility spokeswoman said.A relief bus delivered the stranded pupils while others continued home on foot, the district spokesman said. School officials notified the families of all the affected students.last_img read more

Privatized liquor losing proposition for smallstore owners

first_imgEntrepreneur Don Sidhu poses for a portrait at his business, Beverage Depot, on Friday. Don Sidhu got into the liquor business to follow his dream of owning a successful business.Raised in an entrepreneurial culture, the 39-year-old Vancouver businessman has helped family and friends operate liquor stores in other states. The experience made Sidhu confident he could make a decent living selling booze after Washington’s switch from a state-operated liquor system to private store sales.His supporters also were certain, backing Sidhu up with $2.1 million in seed money that he used to purchase four liquor store businesses formerly run by the state.But the dream began to unravel on the first day of business in June. Sidhu’s customers balked at higher check-stand prices on liquor; a 17 percent retailers’ fee and a 10 percent distribution fee were added to the price of every bottle at ring up. Customers told Sidhu that they would buy their booze at Oregon’s lower-priced, state-operated stores.“They were just shocked when all of those taxes added up,” said Sidhu, who said he suffered many sleepless nights when the full extent of his business troubles dawned on him.In addition to the fees, Sidhu found out the big-box stores and chains were getting much lower prices on booze from Washington’s new distribution businesses. Prices in Oregon ran as much as 22 percent lower than his. The uneven competition was sucking the life out of Sidhu’s business.last_img read more

POLICE LOG for May 7 Raccoon Terrorizing Family Man Walking On Tracks

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for Monday, May 7, 2018:Animal Control Officer found two baby raccoons on the ground near an oak tree on Thurston Avenue and took them to a rehab facility. (7:58am)A resident turned in firearm and ammunition at Public Safety Building. (11:59am)Police were out with a male party walking on the railroad tracks on Waltham Street. Man said he was taking a shortcut to the train station. Police advised him to stay off the tracks. (1:50pm)A walk-in party reported someone attempted to open a credit card account in her deceased father’s name. (3:21pm)A Fox Run Drive caller reported a raccoon is sitting near their front door and preventing them from leaving their house. Police referred them to Wilmington Wild Things and to call back if the company can’t provide services. (4:16pm)(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip?Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedPOLICE LOG for August 1: Lowell Woman Arrested For OUI; Billerica Teen Arrested On Warrant; 2 Drivers Issued SummonsesIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for July 3: Drug Arrest; 11pm Fireworks On Lowell St.; Raccoon Gets Head Stuck In Soup CanIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for August 27: Kids On Train Tracks; Ammunition Turned In; Orphan Bunnies RescuedIn “Police Log”last_img read more

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani arrives in Pakistan to focus

first_imgISLAMABAD: Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani arrived in Pakistan on Thursday on a two-day official visit to the country on the invitation of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The Afghan President is being accompanied by a high-level delegation comprising key ministers and senior officials, reports Geo News. President Ghani will hold talks with Khan and his Pakistani counterpart Arif Alvi during his visit. Also Read – EAM Jaishankar calls on European Parliament President David Sassoli Advertise With Us The talks between the two sides will focus on strengthening bilateral cooperation in diverse areas including political, trade, economic, security, peace and reconciliation, education as well as people-to-people exchanges.Ghani on Friday will travel to Lahore where he will participate in a business forum attended by business representatives from both countries. Also Read – This is why Denmark, Sweden and Germany are considering a meat tax Advertise With Us In Lahore, he will also offer prayers at the Mughal-era Badshahi Mosque. This is Ghani’s third visit to Pakistan and follows the recently held first review session of the landmark Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS). President Ghani had earlier undertaken a bilateral visit to Pakistan in November 2014 and subsequently came to attend the Heart of Asia – Istanbul Process (HoA) Ministerial Conference in Islamabad in December 2015. Ghani’s visit comes ahead of the seventh round of peace talks between US and Taliban negotiators slated to be held on Saturday. The venue is currently not known.last_img read more

Water level rising in Godavari

first_imgBhadrachalam: Water level of the Godavari river at Bhadrachalam rose to 23.9 feet at 6 pm on Monday putting officials on alert. The water level in the river rose with copious inflows from the upper catchment area which witnessed a heavy rainfall. With the floodwater touching the bathing ghat, the devotees visiting the pilgrimage town are unable to take holy dip in the river. Also Read – Hyderabad: Intermediate student dies of cardiac arrest in class Advertise With Us If the water level further rises to 43 feet, the officials will sound the first warning, second warning at 48 feet and third warning at 53 feet. The district administration is taking all measures to evacuate people from low-lying areas if necessary. District Collector Rajath Kumar Saini, Project Office V P Goutam and Sub-Collector Bavesh Mishra held a meeting with officials. Essential commodities are kept ready for distribution in case flood level rises. Meanwhile, 15 gates of Taliperu project in Cherla mandal were opened, releasing 37,700 cusecs water into Godavari.last_img read more

Cab driver holds actress Aahana Kumra to ransom during her ongoing MakeMytrip

first_imgAahana KumraInstagramIn a shocking turn of events, actress Aahana Kumra was held to ransom by a cab driver in the middle of her trip near Chandigarh on Sunday (March 24) evening. The cab was initially delayed for almost 4 hours from the starting point of her destination trip.In a series of tweets, a shaken Aahana shared the horrifying details of her unfortunate experience from her ongoing trip to ensure she reaches her destination safely. She said the cab driver named Sushil, working for VD Travel, a car hire company, refused to move forward if he didn’t receive the payment through the online travel company into his account. Aahana had booked the cab through MakeMyTrip from Shimla on March 23 enroute to Amritsar and had paid for the trip on March 23 night.Despite repeated attempts to contact the MakeMyTrip to report the issue, Aahana, who was worried for her safety, failed to get a convincing reply from the customer care executives. Aahana shared that at one point, the customer care executive asked her to cancel the booking when they failed to rectify the issue with the cab delay. Aahana even shared her the details of her tax invoice on Twitter.Aahana said that the travel agency from where the cab was sent to pick her up, threatened her that they would not let her leave the vehicle till the payment would reflect in their account. She is still moving in the same cab and waiting to reach her destination safe and sound.According to Aahana, MakeMyTrip have not owned up their fault yet. International Business Times India tried to reach out to MakeMyTrip to enquire about Aahana’s ongoing status of her trip but they are yet to reply to our queries.UPDATE – Aahana informed on Twitter that she reached Amritsar safely close to 12 on March 24 night.Take a look. Aahana KumraTwitter Aahana KumraTwitter Aahana KumraTwitter Aahana KumraTwitter Aahana KumraTwitter Aahana KumraTwitter Aahana KumraTwitterlast_img read more