Online education PM to see how to design the looking for curriculum function

for online education products, its supply chain is divided into: before class, in class, after class, according to the three directions of product and user needs analysis. As for the "pre class" list of features, the search for the curriculum is the most important function. How to guide the user to quickly find their own courses and are willing to pay, will become the first threshold to determine the success or failure of the product.


1 needs analysis and exploration of ideas:

first, take 1 minutes, on demand analysis and exploration of the idea, if you are interested in, can skip the cruel.

needs analysis commonly used methods: PSP analysis, that is, characters, scenes, paths. But the disadvantage of this method is that more restrictions are not conducive to the early demand for divergent thinking. Therefore, according to the product requirement analysis principle of divergent thinking (I can refer to a specific arrangement of the article: the demand for mining | product manager from 0 to 1), analysis of ideas: " and " then, demand for the use of PSP to reproduce the scene.

so-called "before, after," refers to the user to participate in a matter of 3 processes. For online education products, that is, before class, in class, after class, 3 directions.

in this paper, the "pre class" in the process of "looking for" function, the use of "before, after," and PSP method, the demand for divergent exploration. Description of the function will be specified in the third section. The fourth and 5 section, according to the integration to develop their own priority scheduled principle of demand, and summed up the product development cycle and development direction of the 3 iteration. Finally, in the sixth section, according to the collected data to verify the product requirements, and summarized in the seventh section.

2 " looking for course " the need to explore:

needs exploration Objective:

allows users to quickly find what they want to learn, and is willing to pay for the purchase.

requirements list:


mind map if you can not see clearly, you can see my next specific instructions, or contact me qq/ WeChat: 1048267279, welcome to exchange.

3 " looking for course " function specific description:


in the first landing app, through a simple and easy way to answer questions, to understand what the user needs the most, and according to the user’s answer to customize the interface. PS: I think the brain hole out of this feature is very excited, but after reading the Tencent classroom / NetEase open class, found that has been done.. Ask questions and I think of a few similar. Time of depression

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