The second-hand luxury consignment website The RealReal for $40 million E round of financing


The RealReal will arrange for professionals to identify strictly every online sale of luxury goods, to ensure genuine will put on the platform of sales.


The RealReal is a second-hand luxury consignment website, announced today that the company has just completed a $40 million E round of financing. This round of financing led by Greenspring Associates, Broadway Angels, Next Equity, Springboard Fund, Canaan Partners,, Greycroft Partners, InterWest Partners and DBL Partners, etc. with the vote.

just a year ago, The RealReal just completed a round of $40 million D round of financing. So far, The RealReal received a total of $123 million in financing. In the last year to get financing, the company expressed the hope that in 2015 the company’s annual revenue of $100 million on the basis of double. Today, The RealReal once again expressed the hope that this year’s revenue in 2015 on the basis of doubling again.

The RealReal said it will use this round of financing to further expand the U.S. and international markets, but also some strategic investment.


over the past few years, more and more players in the secondary market, especially in the field of second-hand clothing and accessories players more. Some DIY is used in the sales model, such as women’s second-hand clothing trading platform Poshmark, Poshmark this month has just completed a $25 million round of financing, in DIY mode, whether it is sales, merchandise packaging and shipment to the buyer by the seller to complete their own. There is a similar ThredUP using the model, that is, ThredUP is responsible for taking the goods from the seller’s hands, and instead of the seller is responsible for taking pictures of goods, hanging on their own platform for sale. ThredUP in September last year, has just completed a round of $81 million financing.

The RealReal mode similar to ThredUP. After all, supply of second-hand and the sale of luxury goods is particularly critical, The RealReal as its name implies, will arrange for professionals (such as the gem watch experts, experts, experts, art experts bags etc.) for every online sale of luxury goods (clothing, jewelry, bags, and other works of art are >)

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