2010 Chinese B2C e-commerce summit will be held in Beijing

under the background of global financial crisis, the economic Chinese bucked the trend, eye-catching. It is worth mentioning that the online shopping on behalf of the Internet economy shine, online shopping has become a fashion and trend. As an important form of B2C electronic commerce after nearly ten years of development, its business model diversity, online sales channels of low cost and relatively low credit risk C2C shopping and other advantages, finally accumulate steadily in 2009, All flowers bloom together. According to authoritative forecasts, the rapid development of B2C in 2010 will continue to nearly ten times at B2B and C2C growth rate, it will become a new round of investment risk is one of the favored industries.

in order to better promote the electronic commerce in our country, especially the development of B2C e-commerce, B2C e-commerce should be the majority of the requirements of enterprises, China Internet association held "2009 Chinese electronic commerce and industry vertical forum" on the success, decided on April 28, 2010 at the International Conference Center in Beijing held a grand "2010 China B2C e-commerce summit".

the summit will be invited to the government department in charge of the leadership, industry association, B2C well-known enterprises and traditional retail business, B2C industry chain related enterprises, risk investment institutions, the third party network credit research institutions and the mainstream media to participate in the B2C business model innovation, operational experience, traditional enterprises how to manage the online business, building, B2C the electronic commerce credit evaluation and guarantee system of payment security, logistics and warehousing, electronic commerce and how depth discussion and capital docking etc..


summit is B2C well-known enterprises and star CEO first party in this year, is a platform for propaganda B2C business promotion and brand promotion, B2C enterprise is to share business operations, marketing innovation and capital operation is a exchange of experience, the majority of the traditional enterprises and entrepreneurs to join a rare opportunity to learn B2C before. The summit will also set up online shopping experience area, online shopping enthusiasts have the opportunity to enjoy the experience of the real estate online shopping fun.

Two April 28th

Beijing International Conference Center, "for 2010 China B2C e-commerce summit" in your presence and guidance! For more information, please visit the summit website http://s.b2c.itrust.org.cn  .

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