Pehchaolin secret how to use the nternet thinking 1 days sold 3 million 800 thousand

as a full-time person who sells skin care products, every day I think about how to better serve the female customers and how to make them more beautiful. Suddenly one day, I want to understand a truth: actually, good skin care products, also can let the woman looks bright, but the real beautiful woman, need is a from the inside of confidence.

, however, this is a valuable thing, but after all, a little "big and empty" feeling. Directly into the brand concept to consumers, it will inevitably make people feel too didactic, the effect may be counterproductive. But if it is passed on to a consumer who has a good impression on the carrier, they may naturally accept it.

that is to say, we now need to give confidence to find a "spokesperson", of course, the "spokesman", including but not limited to people. This year, most of the brand is the most used spokesperson star, such as we can find a female star, write a song with "confidence" on the song for her, let her out of CD, the CD as a gift to the consumer. Or let her shoot a micro film to spread, and then use a movie poster customized product packaging and gifts, the soft soft implanted into the product……

however, star easy to have a sense of distance, the star effect spread confidence this spirit level of things, will be vague and not down to earth. But not so much time, so I’m going to put in the 3.8 activities of women’s day to do, do the time has been less than 1 months!

whenever you need to do in a short time, with unconventional routines to do things, event marketing is the master key. But want to do event marketing, you have to create a topic of communication, simply say that others will feel special, the initiative to spread. It can be a hitherto unknown thing, an exposure can become news events, guest "activities to send millions of mask such as I planned in 2012", when other businesses have set about 10% Commission, we took 5000 boxes of mask, set a 100% Commission on the number of passengers equal to Taobao is how much, at once in Taobao the guest circle raged, there are a large number of visitors come to apply to join the Taobao store promotion every day, just two months to put Taobao off the daily turnover of 5000 yuan from pulled up and stabilized at around 60 thousand; it can also be very competitive, able to attract people’s curiosity of things, such as Jia Junpeng event there is, "who is ROY?"; of course, it can also be a psychological gap, for example, usually in Western dress and leather shoes Andy Lau, suddenly one day wearing a military coat, a lot of people in the heart All of a sudden there is a big gap, so immediately fire!

after repeated consideration, I think this "throw" the most suitable for us, because we baiqueling is a 82 year old Chinese brand, in the eyes of some people, she is probably one of the more serious, even a little old-fashioned brand, it seems we are inferior, but the disadvantage is often advantage! You think, when pehchaolin such a "serious" brand, a "

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