Small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies how to win the marketing of pharmaceutical products

medicine, the traditional industry, the strength of the big brands are relying on smashing TV advertising, celebrity endorsements and other high investment means to improve the product’s continued attention, driven sales. This means of throwing money, does have a certain effect on sales, but not all pharmaceutical companies have sufficient funds into the TV advertising. Many small pharmaceutical enterprises will be most of the funds are applied to the research and development of products, the traditional old routine marketing spend money like water, is no longer suitable for these enterprises. So how do they win in the competition? Yu recently in the study of stomach area customers, summed up some experience to share with you.

stomach field several popular brands, sunflower Weikangling "treatment of old stomach", "Sidashu treatment of stomach, stomach, faster and more comfortable!", "little stomach 39 Weitai please use 39 sjwt!", "jianweixiaoshipian stomach bloating, indigestion, with the river card Jianweixiaoshi tablets"…… Advertising positioning of these products everybody consumers corresponding conditions, for having heard it many times, naturally to choose these big brands, well-known products. So our products, no ads, no stars, how to let everyone know, and recognized the quality of the products? Liu Yu suggested that small businesses containing pharmaceutical brands, can take specific route, to avoid the well-known brand of the target market, corresponding to a specific group of people to enlarge the single function, to snatch the precise crowd. We have to learn the difference between the brand market segmentation marketing tools, so that the unique memory point of the product to deepen the impact of precise target population, the brand to bring a unique cognitive and demand for benefits.

era of the Internet to bring more exposure to small and medium enterprises and the impact of consumer opportunities. Want to emerge in the new era of marketing, he after the enterprise can rely on little big network marketing platform, to improve the product volume, promote the formation of reputation of the atmosphere, more than television advertising is more accurate exposure and influence effect.

(1) into the consumer demand, education market.

because of lifestyle habits change, susceptible to diseases of the digestive system more and more, and the young tendency significantly, when they are in sickness or disease symptoms, the general will take the network query way to understand and solve. Then the data through the database, we can for the two or three line of low-income people in the city, for a particular occupation of the stomach of the special care of the crowd spread. We can clearly know the target group’s subtle appeal, focus and evaluation of the market. Then the network marketing can be based on these issues, to optimize the content of our propaganda to the Baidu home page, to educate the target population awareness and recognition of the product.

(2) build a ubiquitous network public volume.

pharmaceutical industry marketing strategy is an important point, is to create a public image, reflecting the love of the enterprise and the sense of social responsibility. So since the advent of the Internet, public welfare activities can not only be carried out online, online virtual space can also be launched. Think of the niche you >

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