Ye Xujian social network brand strategy is the cornerstone of the domain name


Yi, chairman and President of the board of directors: Ye Xujian

domain name city ( March 28th news, for a website entrepreneur and website companies, the domain name is the cornerstone of the development of the network brand strategy. First of all, let us follow the footsteps of success, a simple look at the Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Tencent and other well-known network of the origin of the brand.

domain name is the cornerstone of the development of network brand strategy

YAHOO (Yahoo!) network brand represents an era: the era of portal, domain name brand in the era of Internet portal creation. Yahoo is derived from the author of Gulliver’s travels, Jonathan · (Jonathan), in the book, on behalf of a person who is very special in appearance and behavior of the Swift.


(Yahoo!) founder Yang Zhiyuan (Jerry Yang) and David Filo (David Filo) · the reason for choosing this name is that they feel like Yahoo. The reason for choosing this name is that they love the dictionary definition of "Yahoo unsophisticated". At the time, network brand sense has the typical spirit of innovation and reclamation.

in the western United States gold rush, no matter whether people get rich gold, but those who manufacture the shovel, pickaxe, jeans, really earn the money. YAHOO (Yahoo!) is located on the Internet is the first batch of the above "shovel, pickaxe, manufacturing jeans company. "Yahoo!" brand image has a big exclamation mark, not only in 2000 affected Google (Google) in the early stage of "Google!" image, and even affect the Chinese 80 Internet entrepreneur Dai Zhikang. In October 7, 2002, Dai Zhikang registered, the creative "Discuz" series of network products to the global.

change, January 18, 2012, for the future of and sustainable development, Yang Zhiyuan resigned from the YAHOO board of directors and other company of all duties, become "another footnote domain is more important than CEO.

in the search for the king, Google (Google) is the search for the best network brand endorsement. Although represents the top application of massive data search, but very few people will know that is just a random search Typo domain name. In September 1997, Sean · Anderson (Sean Anderson) and Larry · (La> page;

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