WeChat subscription number and service number to be merged Service number to be concentrated in the

PingWest play goods learned from different sources, the next WeChat subscription number and service number to be merged, service number will not continue to willfully occupy the user’s chat list, but as the subscription number is concentrated to a subscription list.

this is probably not a good news for businesses and organizations that operate the service number. After all, when the service numbers are moved to the subscription list, the ability to reach the user naturally weakened. WeChat had launched a public platform service, mainly intended for businesses and organizations to provide a better service and user management capabilities, but now WeChat think this experience is too messy, so to adjust.

for example, last night I was in the supermarket after shopping with the WeChat scan code to pay, although the experience is very smooth, but after the completion of the payment of my WeChat chat list jumped out of several notification message, notify both WeChat to pay these messages, and from the supermarket in the notification service number. For users, the information is actually not so important – like I just do not see the contents of the direct delete, and when the user’s chat list filled with these content, it will naturally be more chaotic.

WeChat had in the planning and subscription service, for the two types of distribution functions of different account permissions, the display position adjustment will bring the change of our account authorization is unclear.


in addition to position weight reducing service number in the chat in the list, WeChat will continue to fight the next marketing circle of friends, those in the circle of friends to disseminate and spread in violation of WeChat public platform rules content will be more likely to be reported. It seems that WeChat adds a variety of features to WeChat, and now want to be able to clean up a clean user.

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