Why pay WhatsApp is more popular than WeChat, Line


recently, chat application WhatsApp announced its monthly active users reached 430 million. In terms of the number of users announced, WhatsApp has been very active in recent years.

basically grows 50 million every time, it will be announced to the outside world. In accordance with the growth rate of its data, and now WhatsApp growth of about 100 million users per month about 4.5 months. In contrast, last year the number of Line registered users increased from 200 million to 300 million, with a period of 4 months. Of course, it should be noted that, WhatsApp said that the monthly active users, Line only registered users.

users with WhatsApp may know that this application is very simple. Simple and simple interface, no fancy features, the core function is to help users receive and send messages.

compared to the Asian chat applications WeChat, Line, KakaoTalk cartoon ChAT expression, games, social networking and other functions, WhatsApp. This also led to the difference in the business model of the product, that is, users need to pay $0.99 a year to use WhatsApp (free of charge for the first year).


so why is WhatsApp so simple that it can resist Asian feature rich chat products and maintain high growth for the following reasons:

a, WhatsApp in Latin America and Europe, the user coverage of high

WhatsApp by American Ryan Elkton (Brian Acton) and the Ukrainian Jane Qom (Jan Koum) launched in December 2009. The two of them used to be YAHOO employees. The company is headquartered in California.


the positioning of the product is substitute for mobile phone SMS, SMS charges cheaper than traffic. And the use of the United States start-up companies are more adept at charging product model. Compared to the product culture in Asia, value-added services profitability is stronger.

in June last year, the application of data analysis firms Onavo to do a survey, WhatsApp in Latin America and many countries in the region of iPhone coverage of more than 90% users. And like WeChat, Line and KakaoTalk is difficult to penetrate into these markets.

product culture and market proximity principle, so that WhatsApp has the advantage in this regard. In some WhatsApp had dominated the market, such as the Hongkong area, while WeChat and Line are promoting, but WhatsApp still is indispensable in the user, because of its style, make the products suitable for formal and serious communication.

is more important, the migration of chat products involves

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