Another wave of layoffs, luxury electricity supplier in 2011, will die in the 2015

at the beginning of the new year, still product network layoffs storm may herald a new wave of luxury electricity supplier closures.

February 4th, from the Beijing Business Daily reported that the electricity supplier is still a luxury goods network has been reduced from 400 people to more than 100 people, which means that the network is still layoffs or more than 200 people. Then the reporter went to LuxeHome network is located in Chaoyang District Beijing East Road, No. 1, three Mao long cultural and Creative Industrial Park A building office of Mao long feedback cultural and creative industry park staff, "they heard (Luxuries network) layoffs of more than a month, the third floor and the four floor is for rent."

faced with external suspicion, still product network yesterday (February 5th) issued a statement to recognize the local optimization and adjustment of the team, but stressed that the normal behavior of business. At present, a total of more than 450 employees, not a rumor mentioned in the remaining more than 100".

in early 2012, Luxuries network had a layoff rumors pushed in the teeth of the storm, was widely believed because financing is not in place.

has reported that in July 2010, Luxuries network officially launched, it has been called "the average quarterly revenue growth rate of 200%, the average customer price of 2000 yuan more than the" glorious period.

This also makes the

LuxeHome network award in the subsequent two years time in favor of capital, Luxuries network has received over Morningside ventures, including angel investor Lei Jun, the firm, the investment of more than $70 million.

side is China’s luxury industry market size expanded year after year, while it is a luxury electricity supplier have fallen.

review luxury electricity supplier collapse tide

2011, the luxury goods business enjoy online line to get Saif funds invest millions of dollars in the 1 months to pull Merchants Bank for the site on the line; 4 months record sales, completed part of the year’s sales of similar sites, so enjoy the network performance made prominent. But at the end of May 2014 the end of the good times don’t last long, thorough site operators. May 27th, enjoy the network’s CEO Ren Ke Fei declared in its micro-blog:

himself in the general manager of the Shanghai wall and the identity of the shareholders have been flourishing Agel Ecommerce Ltd in October 2013 all turn out, VIP exclusive network change management operations, after all operating conditions, I shall not be aware of.

July, the day of the product was beautiful said the acquisition. In addition, the product poly network, Jiapin network, called Kazakhstan and other luxury electricity supplier for the positioning of the site in the past two years have been closed down. The rest of the luxury I luxury goods business or to category expansion or transformation in the direction of breakthrough, seeking brand upstream force.

Chinese business gives a summary of the current market, the remaining luxury business, transformation sale website has been listed in the United States; the network serves the transformation of fashion department store, got Ferragamo authorization from the site; on the other, Amoy.

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