On the scale of Taobao passenger Commission was frozen casual anecdotes

2013 11 month mom Amoy Commission is freezing events, darling, thrilling. Orange collar forum a condemnation, Ali mother micro-blog, Taobao World Forum, guest group, angry, rational debate has also, sisters. Large and small to tens to hundreds of thousands of yuan, "described as Starving people fill the land.". Ali mother Wang Hua was responsible for guest comments have pushed the spike, calm writing PR, temporary new charter contract 9.1 is that rare in the history of the terms of overlord.

why a few years ago appeared in Amoy crisis, these days suddenly out of such a ballast? All the life, I know, so here put a small fart, the appropriate analogy is not decency, forgive me.

as I had previously made a story about Lou loose site traffic difficult transformation of micro-blog, and a well-known station compared to micro-blog, questioned, Taobao did not understand a lot of guest users is difficult to understand this group is how to make money? Or that they always think that Taobao is not "guest Wangzhuan liar" listen to the call? This question is to return to the Taobao seller is easy to answer.

is engaged in more than five years Taobao seller, will miss three years ago Taobao, then the train was the incarnation of the goddess, cheap, high conversion, and anyone who says that the train did not make money, it is to recruit people to laugh. Then one time, nearly two or three years, PPC high violence there? There is no low conversion of violence? Bet money on the car, in addition to rumors of explosion of city rare peerless expert, who else? Why is Taobao station traffic short time had become so good writings make people copy them. growth. This two or three years because the retail electricity supplier data expansion, more and more people join the ranks of enterprise, also walked forward to join the business channel to grab the beachhead, and the number of buyers, the trading platform of growth is obviously can not keep up. If the sellers have large resources, although the woods see small, but have come, then how to fight for so have to exhaust all the skills, Taobao limited flow of resources, so that 10 yuan PPC, the conversion rate of 5% was in a small shop on the long body lightly (one of my selling women’s friends).

well, master Minori Ko in a circle to promote the old hand promotion industry before the onset of a Taobao customer data, so that the presence of a veteran not calm "what? 20% of the profits of the goods, with 30% Commission pushed hundreds of thousands?" master indifferent smile "you give me the train data?" everyone, including me insight, truth is so shallow.

is not a Taobao multi chicken thief, all of this, all from Taobao internal hard wide expensive.

when I’m going to find some time off the Taobao communication group, I find are depressed, because the number of thousands of groups, almost all sellers in the group of brush strokes off the Taobao ads, 20%? Unless you are a big explosion, just enough to call 30%?. Well, I go to the forum, 28 push, A5, Ali mother Forum

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