Domain name, hosting at the same time the price of China’s nternet is hi is excellent

      domain name has just been confirmed price increases, telecommunications hosting and rumors of price increases. In this Chinese Internet has always been to attract users with free low-cost large domain name and hosting prices have to make us feel strange. The rise of the domain name may be understood as the overall international price changes, then the price of custody for the sake of what is it?

      loan interest rates rose in order to curb the rise in house prices, the rise of hosting fees may also be given the reason is to improve the access threshold of the Internet, strengthen the management of the internet. It is true that with the domain name and hosting costs are getting lower and lower the number of domestic websites is also increasing, but the real quality of the site is not much. Low price space eventually is on the Internet more and more rely on the gatherer waste site, this site does not have any value to the users, page dissatisfaction advertising, some even with a Trojan virus. The army is to rely heavily on the support of these sites. This shows that the rise in hosting prices for the entire Internet environment may be a good sign.

      the number of domestic Internet users is also growing rapidly as computers and broadband prices are decreasing. Thus reducing the price of products in the industry chain is to promote the development of the industry as a whole. The rise in the price of custody may indirectly inhibit the development of Internet entrepreneurs. But as the Internet has experienced nearly 5 years of development, the author of such changes may be more conducive to the healthy development of the Internet business. Now the Internet startups too impetuous, the low cost of basic services such as domain space also plays a key role. It is because of the early Internet business fixed low cost makes the passionate students and did not understand what is the Internet, what is the business began their CEO dream. The final 99.99% entrepreneurs have to go back to re-examine the industry.

      although the domain name and hosting fees for the improvement of the current owners of these is a bad news, but on the whole I still support such adjustments. Because only the entire environmental norms and orderly development, those start-ups can be in a good environment steady prospects. (Jialun website blog)

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