Baidu launched a new platform for the launch of the webmaster platform operating conventions

Admin5 webmaster net news: the theme of "thousand peaks Au poly ten" in 2012 seventh Baidu Union summit held in Hunan, Zhangjiajie. Baidu announced the launch of the new Adsense platform and launched a web site operations convention.

afternoon meeting Baidu web search product marketing senior product designer Hu Rong in his speech on the development of Baidu webmaster platform. Hu Rong said the rapid development of the Internet over the past ten years, rapid growth of Internet users, Baidu is also involved in the development of the Internet and the growth of Internet users. Every day, 30% of the large and medium-sized sites have actually produced a lot of junk information, but also a large number of invalid pages every day. Including the page can not be accessed, the content of the page expired, failure, such a situation, whether it is good for Baidu, or the Internet is actually a very serious challenge. At the same time, Baidu users will generate billions of search traffic every day, and ultimately will guide the site. Among these flows, we found the problem, these flows are part of the guide to the value of the site, the value of the customer is zero, there is still a lot of room for improvement.


introduced in the past year, Baidu and Baidu alliance Webmaster Platform collected many webmaster needs of alliance partners and frequent communication, including Baidu hope to provide monitoring some junk information, Baidu also hopes to provide some ways of how to deal with the failure site, Baidu provides a last hope a series of search engine knowledge. In this background, Baidu in May this year, a comprehensive revision of the Webmaster Platform Webmaster Platform, hopes to set up a bridge between Baidu and the website, to help owners understand Baidu search, search principle and search users, through Webmaster Platform, some did not lead to the value of the flow of valuable resources to build and all sites analysis of communication channels, to create a common development environment. Together to create a healthy environment for the internet.

Conference on Baidu web search product marketing senior product designer Hu Rong and general manager of Baidu union development department jointly launched the new webmaster platform. The new webmaster platform is divided into three parts: tool area, data area and discussion area. Tools provide delete dead links, the quality of data query, sitemap push site index, query site grab error tool. The main areas of discussion to provide Baidu search engine optimization guide, search optimization cases, tools, such as the use of help. Data area will organize a series of learning, communication, sharing activities, enhance the ability and skills of webmaster, solve the typical problems raised by the webmaster.

Conference on Baidu also launched initiatives to the webmaster – co founded the Internet industry site operations convention. Baidu launched the "Internet industry website operation Convention" to create a healthy development of the Internet Ecosystem, the Internet industry standard website operation standard, advocate practitioners standardized operation site, and follow the rules to meet the user experience. Join the members of this convention can participate in the activities initiated by Baidu webmaster platform, you can also give priority to experience Baidu webmaster platform provides tools such as treatment >

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