Kyrgyzstan lovehouse completed $150 million E round of financing of Temasek, Hillhouse investment le


DoNews November 13th news (reporter to close) lovehouse Kyrgyzstan announced the completion of $150 million E round of financing, this round of financing by Temasek, Hillhouse investment led, Morningside, Gao Rong, along with the cast again, GGV. Since its establishment in March 2014 in Shanghai, Aiya Yoshiya in less than two years to complete the five round of financing, the total amount of financing reached $350 million.

According to the official disclosure of the D, when the completion of the

round, Aiya Yoshiya in Beijing, Shanghai, the two places are mainly rental business, second-hand housing has just entered. According to the latest data in October, the second-hand housing business has been in full swing in the country’s top ten cities.

in terms of performance, at the beginning of May, Aiya Yoshiya in the second-hand housing turnover of less than 1000 sets. At the end of October, Aiya Yoshiya in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Tianjin, the local volume all entered the top three, the national total nearly 6000 sets of second-hand housing transactions.

in the company size, the number of employees at the beginning of May, Aiya Yoshiya 6000 people, mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai two. In November, the number of employees has exceeded 16000 people, the country’s top ten cities.

It is reported that

, lovehouse rent by Deng Wei, Li Yongjin, Wu Zheng co founded, which were former senior vice president, and vice president of wireless CFO. In the model, lovehouse rent does not set up the line of stores, online with PC and client information platform, the line established from light O2O service model is the broker intermediary team.

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