Preparation and promotion plan of local talent network

Jiujiang talent network from the line to now less than a month, is the summer, just take the gap, improve the content of the website, appropriate and timely updates every day to do work, fully prepared, at the beginning period of the outbreak. Early station, due to not have been involved in the talent industry, quite a few detours, continuously grope for half a month, let me find a little direction, even if this free banner, in the absence of the proceeds, at least I still happy forward.

to share their own personal experience and ideas at the beginning of the site:

1, choose a relatively perfect website program. Now CMS ASP,.NET PHP, as a cloud, a lot of, choose a suitable own is the most important, so handy, I finally chose professional website system based on PHP+MYSQL (CMS Knight), build the beginning no profits, or choose to safety free procedures reliable, when enter the earnings period, can buy commercial version to get technical support, as well as two times the development of custom.

2, trying to improve the ranking of the site. SEO has been an eternal topic, in the recruitment of key words, local talent network can consider some of the campus recruitment, such as the recruitment of graduates, part-time recruitment and other keywords. Recommend at least 10-30 such keywords, and then through the data analysis. Which words bid ranking less, which words are more relevant, which word Baidu index is relatively large, which word SEO competition is not difficult. Combined with these factors, singled out a few relatively difficult to compete, the content is high, less competitive rankings, Baidu index and high words to targeted SEO. This is a common way to do SEO. The most suitable for the optimization of keywords, and then concentrate the power to do, to spend on the tip of power, a blow that. To find out the most suitable keywords optimization through the analysis of the data, and then concentrate the power to do, to spend on the tip of power, a blow that.

3, exchange links. And all the exchange can be exchanged for the key words of the web site links. The more the better, but in the early stage of promotion, we must pay attention to, every day, add a certain amount of links, generally 2 to be appropriate. You can also try to exchange links with local forums. I think the link is obvious, the earth people know.

4, do online and offline publicity. Web site is mainly how to operate, the website promotion to the people in need. I used to go to the province’s colleges and universities propaganda, in order to quickly improve the visibility of the site. In the promotion enterprise member, can take the mail marketing way, their existing talent network platform to promote them to meet their recruitment needs.

this is the Jiujiang talent network, share exchanges, and seek common development (AC QQ:9355475). The first A5, please civilization reprint, keep the link.

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