The first malicious bad teacher cracked the case of 7 suspects were arrested

November 29th news, this morning, the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau announced the first case of the country cracked the malicious bad judge case. At present, 7 suspects have been arrested by Hangzhou police, and was arrested on suspicion of the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on.

Hangzhou police, arrested "malicious bad teacher" action will continue, is expected to have more than suspects will be arrested in the year continued inland. Hangzhou police said: "malicious bad teacher" thought the little mouse, you can get something for nothing, but did not realize the "pull people occupation and group besieged, blackmail and impose exactions on behavior has violated the law.".

according to the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" the 274th stipulation: blackmail and impose exactions on public and private property, a relatively large amount of time or 3 years of blackmail and impose exactions on, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or control, or impose a fine gold.

in the past few months, Taobao cooperate with the police to combat malicious bad judge". Data show that a total of 65 thousand malicious malicious buyers account Taobao, blocking the closure of the malicious pen of the order of about 100000, to protect the interests of the seller of the more than 50 thousand. Compared with the peak in June of this year, Taobao received a bad evaluation of the poor, the number of phone calls to reduce the amount of extortion by more than 90%.

Wang Yihua, senior director of Taobao’s information security department, said: for the malicious bad judge frequent harassment shop sellers behavior, Taobao never let go. In addition to take the initiative to report and cooperate with the police investigation, Taobao also introduced a number of measures, including the abolition of praise rate and search ranking correlation, open evil take Easy Access report, from the rules and regulations, technical security aspects to increase efforts to maintain a healthy and orderly market environment for the majority of sellers and consumers."

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