Tell the truth, Papi sauce short video on what to rely on

Don’t look for

Papi sauce, into a longitudinal Wanghong in vain.

as the auctioneer’s final word, for the first time ad bidding Papi sauce by Ali platform, the final transaction price of 22 million yuan to. Some cosmetics online merchants for the site often and often fever after the success of the winner. Thus, the old into the capital of 12 million RMB China chief network proved their worth of red light.


Luo Zhenyu United Zhenge fund high-profile investment after the process of Papi sauce commercial are storm water. On the eve of bidding, SARFT issued a document, ordered its video vulgar part rectification, attracted industry a sigh. Fortunately, this did not affect the smooth tender Papi sauce. As one of the most eye-catching UGC video creators, the commercial value of Papi sauce exactly how to fully release, the ability to build a new video marketing model, have a great significance for the latecomers. At first glance Papi paste the sale of advertising resources, also seems to be just the traditional Internet "cash flow" shallow thinking of trying. Indeed, the "beauty and talent in a woman for the first time test results well, but also for video commercial operation is not a short duration of time. How to fill in a subsequent paper, but also careful thought.

patch advertising is the correct position of video marketing it?

Papi sauce the auction advertising is a short video trailer egg, as close to the video site on the resource patch form.

patch is able to achieve the desired effect of marketing from the major video media has long been dried up in the first tier cities patch inventory, to the rapid growth of the number of ad – free ad members, we are not difficult to draw conclusions. On the one hand, the patch has presented in the form of highly similar with traditional TV TVC, in brand communication, user market coverage and exposure frequency complement aspects do have a certain function; but on the other hand, we can also see the advertisement there are many natural short board, can not represent all the essence of video marketing.

external form, the advertisement imposed played in before the film, will seriously affect the user experience. Papi sauce is clearly aware of this, so choose the eggs at the end, although this will weaken the brand to a certain extent, the existence of.

meaning, the advertisement is the lack of "hard" into the scene, the content relevance is congenitally deficient, such as the short video about 3 minutes, at the end of the egg part may simply logo or two-dimensional code simply exposed, the tone of the brand with Papi sauce is difficult to do the same for video content.

and business status, general patch advertising and sale of the basic rights of ownership leading video media, taking into account the income distribution, content producers only get odds and ends of a meal. Although Papi sauce can be placed in the "patch" sources, the formation of binding and content, but this sacrifice is the sale of flexibility, but also to the quantitative monitoring and evaluation of inconvenience. < >

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