More than 400 million Tencent investment pushed soso not to let Robin Li too lonely

are you going to use what way to make your search done better than Baidu? "Also appeared in March 28th, China IT leaders summit asked Robin Li Ma Huateng.

"I can’t even say it here." Ma Huateng answered with a smile.

now, Robin Li Ma Huateng in the mouth didn’t get the answer announced.

In April 2nd

, a subsidiary of Tencent announced the opening of the portal search search search more understand you "brand slogan, and for the first time announced the development strategy. Directly in charge of the search business Tencent Tencent Co CTO Xiong Minghua said, in 2010 the search will be in the company product integration, recruitment, product promotion, commercial four aspects of force.

invested more than 400 million to promote the search

in fact, Tencent has been quietly in the search market for more than four years. As the Tencent’s search site, search on March 2006 officially launched operations, in cooperation with Google, the Google search engine technology. September 2009, Tencent completed independent research and development of search engines on the line.

as of now, the search has completed 25 separate products, 35 Tencent business search, the overall layout of a web search, vertical search, search, search, Tencent business community wireless search, the client product this six product line.

Xiong Minghua revealed that Tencent has invested four to five hundred million in the search business, the next five years, Tencent will search as the future of the most important business to invest and promote.

"search will also force more Tencent characteristics of personalized, intelligent community and mobile search products, truly search at any time, everywhere." Xiong Minghua said.

Ma Huateng told this newspaper revealed that the local search will be a direction of Tencent in the search business catch up from behind. Currently, Tencent in the weather, models, entertainment, movies, etc., will be in the portal and QQ users to launch some direct results. Localization search and traditional search combination, will be a good experience." Ma Huateng said.

at Baidu PPC

had the domestic search industry business model based on PPC, but this model eventually ended due to controversy. In this regard, the search said does not provide the PPC model, but to make a green commercial platform. Xiong Minghua pointed out that the current Tencent other business quite well, the search conditions do something more green.

Tencent’s performance last year for the search to create a good condition, search in the commercial aspects must do good, to do green commercial service providers, will not do the advertising results and search results mixed, hurt the user experience." Xiong Minghua said that in 2010 only to ensure that the user experience of the first, search might be just as commercial operation. In his view, how to search the characteristics of the commercial Tencent business road solid, so >

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