Tianya community President Xing Ming Skyline consider listed on the gem

webmaster admin5.com6 Sept. 4, with 24 million registered users, Tianya President Xing Ming to the webmaster said, Tianya will have its own listing destination to the domestic gem from the NASDAQ listed transfer time to "let it be", but do not want to catch the gem floodgates after the first call".

Xing Ming revealed to the webmaster network, is expected in 2009 revenue will be more than 100 million yuan, the scale of its revenue in 2008 was $about 50000000, profit of $about 10000000. Since 2006, income remained the annualized growth rate of 100%. The revenue last year has reached the domestic gem requirements, but not for Tianya GEM companies first, because the capital market environment is not very optimistic, it is understood that the current skyline has been completed prior to the listing of the last round of financing. In order to meet the requirements of the listing, the company is also the transformation of shares." Xing Ming said.

compared with overseas capital markets, the current low valuation of the concept of domestic shares on the internet. Xing Ming hopes to be able to release their energy when the horizon listed. He said, I hope investors can see the growth of Internet Co is very impressive.

                  vote: skyline to be listed, guess what will happen after the stock market trend?

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