Network marketing is not equal to website construction

believe that all marketing companies to build the site at the beginning of the reason is to stand for marketing purposes, or in the promotion of corporate brand image at the same time, enhance the effectiveness of marketing. No company is willing to spend thousands of dollars and do not expect to have an effect, even if we drag friends or design their own website, intended to expand the market.

rattan design representations in a few years and clients, there are too many small and medium enterprises although the website construction, flash animation, web interface is very awesome, very fashionable, very beautiful, also spent a lot of money to do promotion and advertising keywords in the search engine, but the effect of network marketing it is very general. Beijing rattan design website studio to express the point of view is not equal to the construction site is the site, the flow is equal to the network marketing, although between two or three closely related, but in the end we see not just the Internet show and travelers.


website is actually just a simple foundation, we can not be the basis for the construction of the operation has been the standard, we need to have a few preparations:

1, network marketing positioning strategy

there is no doubt that we should first what is the main site of our marketing positioning, what are the competitors, what is the biggest difference between yourself and them, only to understand these basic problems, you can separate from their products and competitors, otherwise you cannot replace xianruzhe.

2, marketing website construction strategy

through the enterprise location design and make a difference and competitor website, allowing users to understand the enterprise more convenient through the Internet (a website but the position is not clear, can not distinguish is used as a brand or product sales); many companies subject to the limited budget, the site only see the price and ignore the necessary quality, for example the website design is very unstable server crudely made. The final result is the cost of website promotion costs a lot, but did not have a positive effect on the return of the network marketing.

3, network marketing promotion strategy

We should not be regarded as the extension of

is the money game, network marketing is Adwords, actually a lot of money to buy traffic through keywords and the promotion of enterprise network marketing often have no effect, because of their lack of conditions, such as no special website (comparable), no interactive tools, keywords are not clear, the copy and copy others, outside the chain, the chain is not few reasons; there are many companies will do all the outsourcing enterprise website, shuaishouzhanggui; although enterprises have full-time team but poor performance. These will lead to poor network marketing.

save the key words: Although a single long tail keyword flow is lower than the core word, but the conversion rate is much higher than the core word, using a number of long tail word put way to improve the overall business >

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