Poetry micro mall is expected to formally planned on November


Fashion Co., Ltd is China poetry Manfen famous underwear enterprise, has a history of nineteen years, nineteen years of development has been focused on the underwear industry, because every time to market a good grasp and correct the overall planning layout, the development of poetry Manfen very fast, obtained another let the envy of the achievements in the history of the development of nineteen years, rising popularity and influence. At present, the poem has Manfen brand underwear terminal stores more than 2500 stores in the country, this is a relatively leading figures in the same industry.

has always been adhering to the "Manfen poem is based on the development of enterprises in innovation, leading the industry trend to the principles of innovation, is committed to enterprise development, innovation to create a new concept of plant underwear, because of this, the achievements of the benchmark of the status of poetry Manfen brand in the Chinese underwear industry. Blindly imitated, never surpassed.

June 2014, general manager Mr. Liu Zhi poetry Manfen company pointed out that under the background of the rapid development of e-commerce, the poem Manfen to make further development, we must follow the trend of economic development, open up a new path of development, the development of e-commerce marketing mode, in order to enrich their own marketing system, obtains the development opportunities in the in the same industry and. Therefore, Manfen poetry will be the first to start their own O2O development model.

so far, the development planning of the development mode of O2O Manfen poem was officially included in the Manfen poem in the poem as a first step Manfen O2O mode of development, "the poem Manfen micro mall began to enter the intense planning production, is expected in November will be officially launched.

according to the poem Manfen planning department manager Wang introduced, on-line micro mall is Manfen poems in order to better serve customers. Based on the mobile Internet micro mall, now the most popular interactive application of WeChat as the media, to achieve online interaction between businesses and customers, instantly push the latest commodity information to WeChat users. Dealers through the landing Manfen poem micro mall platform, can be realized on the commodity inquiry, purchase, experience, interactive, integrated service mode of order and payment online and offline, can effectively help enhance customer maintenance, expand sales channels for the poem Manfen brand dealer customers.

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