Daily topic how far away from the charging mode of music platform under the pirated music

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network November 4th news, in July this year, the State Copyright Bureau issued a ordered online music service stop notice "without authorization the spread of music works, requires major domestic online music platform in July 31st before the music works without authorization all offline, but gave up to 3 months the transition period.

now 3 months of the transition period has passed, it is said that since November 1st, the major domestic online music platform must be under the framework of unauthorized music. Affected by this, in November 1st, the major music platform under the frame of the unauthorized music, music system in which Ali small shrimp music, everyday sounds by the impact of large, there are a few empty library trends.

this is undoubtedly the major music platform has a certain influence, a large Internet Co will likely continue to expand their copyrighted music library, small online music providers to buy copyright may be difficult to continue. Because of the lack of copyright and had to part of the music, will lead to the user can not find their own music content on the platform, followed by the emergence of a significant loss of users.

is the music platform but also to the heating way? In the last month, QQ music and NetEase cloud music copyright cooperation reached, delegate to NetEase cloud music music copyright 1 million 500 thousand, however, compared to the 15 million copyright library, QQ music delegate to the NetEase’s first cloud music 1 million 500 thousand is a very small part. However, this cooperation provides a good model for the transfer of copyright music, QQ music is dedicated to the exclusive copyright distribution to more music platform.

but the current copyright transfer negotiations between the slow progress of the platform, currently only QQ music and NetEase cloud music copyright transfer cooperation. In the future, under the pressure of copyright management, there will be no progress in copyright cooperation between the major platforms, remains to be seen.

National Copyright Bureau of the relevant policies, mainly from the maintenance and continue to enhance the domestic online music market environment of the legitimate perspective. On the business model, the main platform is based on their own advantages to explore the future of online music business model must be diversified development. Does this mean that the era of music pay is not far away from us?

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