Zhang Jiayuan do adult education SEM keyword marketing

SEM full name is Search Engine Marketing, Chinese means search engine marketing. SEM refers to the use of search engines to conduct a comprehensive network marketing and network marketing. SEM value is very important, requires the least input output maximum return. Compared to the traditional broadcast, television, print media and other advertising platforms, search engines increasingly show its unique marketing value. The main advantages of timely communication, low price, young audience, etc.. It is very suitable for assisting marketing with traditional marketing methods.

let’s take a look at the adult higher education website how to use SEM keyword marketing.

the first step, we want to know all the adult higher education enrollment object.

adult higher education enrollment object is mostly have participated in the work of amateur correspondence class students. These students do not have time to go to class, but in the actual work has encountered a lot of problems, generally want to through training and learning to solve the problem. Adult higher education enrollment targets there are some purely utilitarian to take a diploma, take the degree of motivation for students. Get the national recognition, electronic registration diploma, perhaps you can continue to study, or to complete the unit’s title assessment, civil service institutions in order to get more opportunities for promotion.

adult higher education students mostly focus on practical utility, with those meaningless echo what the books say and pure theory course form. Some students also have the purpose and the need to expand the circle of communication.

in the understanding of the target customer groups, we can use the search engine to do some marketing work.

a search engine keyword promotion

since the Google out of the Chinese market, Baidu’s market share in China increased significantly. In this condition, we can increase the promotion of Baidu search engine. Baidu search engine web site promotion is divided into text advertising and image advertising (mainly in the website union). The text type of advertising, the key is to choose the right keywords, such as "Hangzhou evening reading" and "Hangzhou amateur reading" and "Hangzhou where school" these words can produce huge business value. Keywords classification of statistical analysis, to know the "Hangzhou school" and "Hangzhou evening to read these two words of the target customer groups is different. In the choice of keywords, to strictly analyze the web log. This one needs time continuous refinement refinement.

two, search engine marketing is actually very important external links, high-quality external links affect the search results ranking

how to effectively build external links on the one hand, we rely on the relationship with local sites, the establishment of some links. Such as "× × education network", etc.. On the other hand, there is no more channels can get high quality links to the site, we can timely and appropriate consideration of the purchase of some fees link. For example, "× &>;

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