Civilink domain DNS analytical method and analytical method of mail

has some new webmaster friends in buy domain name, do not know, here to introduce a unified, in the management of domain name, domain name password:—> 1
browse through digital ID and the corresponding password customer self-service system —> domain name management

click on the left side of domain name Service


two into the management panel home page this page can be modified domain name resources. Figure two: as shown in figure


three, we really have to enter into the DNS domain name resolution service. Mainly include: A record analysis. Mx analysis. Alias resolution. URL forwarding.

A. This figure shows the A record analysis. Purpose: browse the web site, email (only the A analysis can only browse the mailbox but can not normally send and receive), such as: only need to parse A records can be.


B. This diagram shows the MX parsing records. Purpose: A record resolution plus the following MX parsing can be normal to send and receive mail


This figure shows the

C. is an alias analysis: his purpose and A record analysis as the target host but he will fill the three domain names such as: this analytic ordinary people use to.

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