Court found that the second round of the Pacific direct purchase channels for the freezing of funds

Zhumadian intermediate people’s Court of two instance verdict, "wonderful life" pyramid multi channel was prosecuted and the freezing of assets yesterday afternoon, Henan Province, Zhumadian City Intermediate People’s Court of Jiangxi Life Investment Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "wonderful life") sued administrative punishment administrative Industrial and Commercial Bureau commerce in Zhumadian city of Henan Province issued two case the judgment, upheld the verdict, "wonderful life" is the pyramid.

so far, more than three years of continuous Pacific direct purchase official website ("wonderful life" under the electricity supplier website, hereinafter referred to as the "Pacific direct purchase") questioned the alleged pyramid scheme, finally got the court’s "final" identification. Some dramatic, yesterday, "wonderful life" on the website linked to a message, said the company and 35 other companies won the "Jiangxi’s most influential enterprises" honorary title.

direct purchase of the Pacific, pull the head of the profit model of the second phase of the mapping of the second draft: direct purchase of the Pacific is still recognized as pyramid schemes


yesterday, the Post reporter got the final judgment of the Zhumadian intermediate people’s court.

verdict shows: Jiangxi wonderful Life Inc management behavior of the appellant, belong to "the prohibition of marketing regulations" article second "the organizer or operator development personnel, through the development of the personnel directly or indirectly to the development personnel quantity or sales performance for the calculation and payment, or required by the developers to pay a fee for in terms of eligibility for other ways to seek illegal interests to disrupt the economic order, affect social stability" behavior, and the appellant Jiangxi wonderful Life Inc behavior also has "the prohibition of marketing regulations" article seventh (two) the organizer or operator through the development of staff, asking the staff to pay fees or to subscribe goods in the form of payment, or get added to the development of other people to join the qualification for The legal characteristics of pyramid selling enumerated by illegal interests. Therefore, the behavior of the appellant Jiangxi wonderful Life Inc has constituted a requirement for the development of personnel to pay the cost of access to the development of other people or to join the qualification to engage in fraudulent entry pyramid schemes illegal acts. From the city of Zhumadian Industrial and Commercial Bureau provide Pacific direct purchase official website screenshot, Pacific direct purchase official website manual can confirm the appellant Jiangxi wonderful Life Inc Pacific direct purchase of all operating system, developed by the appellant Jiangxi wonderful Life Inc, the recommendation system from others free registration, shopping rebates, accumulated points to start, all channels to guarantee payments have appealed to the people of Jiangxi wonderful Life Inc pay, the rebate must also pass by the return of accounting system. Therefore, the appellant Jiangxi wonderful Life Inc advocates channel illegal behavior has nothing to do with their own can not be established. In summary, the appellant Jiangxi wonderful appeal reason not to set up Life Inc.

judgment finds that: according to the industrial and commercial administrative organs of the administrative penalty cases of illegal income approach eighth in the pyramid selling activities, pull the head, cheat entry fee pyramid schemes violation >

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