Unmanned maybe just a unrealistic dream

with the arrival of the era of smart, many in our life just need the product was grafted with intelligent elements, especially in recent years the Internet boom of the car into a car manufacturers competing for the outlet, in which unmanned technology seems to be seen as a barometer of new technology.

ongoing CES this is a new event in electronic equipment, in recent years, the focus has gradually turned to driverless cars. This year a total of more than 500 large and small car technology companies to participate in CES, which both technology companies, but also the traditional car prices. All the players want to compete for the future, after all, the next ten years to driverless cars, like the first ten years of the importance of smart phones.

but it is worth noting that smart cars and smart phones seem to have a common future trend, but from the use of the product itself, the car and the phone has different needs. There is no denying that the arrival of the era of intelligent life has given us a lot of convenience, but our car as a means of transport, the first is to ensure our travel safety, and then derived from the travel experience to life if you are not, then who is to experience


from the perspective of the current car manufacturers in the future vision, the vision of the future travel life there are many similarities, summed up, mainly divided into intelligent travel, interconnection, and sharing. But the future vision actually are behind the push of big data technology, but in the current CES, see so many manufacturers are unmanned and intelligent travel to the field of force, it is easy to produce autopilot has distance we close the illusion, but in fact, the real implementation of the user and the unmanned the consumer level, at least from the current point of view, is still very far away from us.

user security should not be discounted by unmanned beauty

most of the time, when a new round of commercial dividend, many entrepreneurs will fall over each other into the blind wind more often lost in building business prospects, but ignored the basic demands of the user account.

took the unmanned, unmanned vehicle technology is a derivative process based on the birth of this technology is nothing more than smart Internet era, based on big data technology driven for the future control people travel in the field of ideal structure, that is "ideal", and once in during the trip, there is a sudden situation, then this ideal state is also broken, controllable range has become uncontrollable behavior, but this not controllable behavior for the auto companies is perhaps a little mistake, but for users, may become a permanent grave.

and the controllable range is generally set up routes, follow the traffic lights, intelligent detection and avoidance technology, but when the red light is broken, unmanned to continue driving, in bad weather conditions, can avoid unmanned weather conditions caused by the sudden situation and so on.

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