Gangster on light game, Jinshan silver


] San Francisco August 27th news, in the forum of "2013 global mobile games mobile gaming platform and channel exposition", industry circles said performance of intelligent mobile phone to the PC approach has become an inevitable trend. The hand travel as a full display of mobile phone applications, has become the mainstream of entertainment.

data show that China now has a total of 500 million smartphone users, however, the remaining 800 million for functional users and mobile phone users. Sky Network CEO Song Tao at the forum that this kind of people are most likely to become the most popular light game nowadays in game industry the best potential customers.

other chiefs also said that the game is currently the most light "and the prospect of money king" Mobile Games type, half of the country in the next few years will occupy the market Mobile Games.

prospects and money scene: light tour gold

1 billion 300 million of China’s population, there are 900 million of mobile phone users, as well as the use of mobile phones have not yet been used by the user of the 400 million, most of these groups are concentrated in the city of three or four lines. It is not difficult to understand, this is definitely not what 400 million users for their mobile phone mobile phone fancier, choice, in the low-end mobile phone will be preferred.

in the low-end mobile phone configuration determines to run such as large volume, high requirements for heavy game, on the contrary, small size and light game will be the users of the pro gaze. There are 400 million potential user groups of space and demand, light game natural prospects.


mobile phone game market, light game market capacity accounted for half of the country of the mobile phone game market. "Light game development level appears less money people situation, sky network CEO Song Tao said. "On the market 90% people are staring at the end of the tour the child, this child is only 10% light tour developers. So show a light game market competition is not enough, the plate is large enough phenomenon."

market size, the developer of high income, it is interesting that the number of developers is very small, which is the status of the market light game. Apparently, for game developers, light game has a good money scene, is real in the Jinshan silver. At present, the domestic monthly profit of over ten million light games have been more than a dozen, including the well-known, it is fishing daren. Although more and more people are pouring into the market, but the market capacity is far from saturation.

opportunities and challenges: light travel social

China’s current number of intelligent machine users considerable, but also regarded as the forefront of the world, how to better explore and refine the game market is undoubtedly the opportunities and challenges.

game is a good combination of social games and social two users, development opportunities are good, but the game industry and social platform for two party enterprises in other areas are insufficient. Industry leaders have begun to aim at the light game market, DeNA’s Wang Yong mentioned, from WeChat’s "hit the aircraft," the success point of view, compared to stand-alone games >

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