About.com founder to create a collectible online advertising

Beijing on January 14th news, according to foreign media reports, the founder of About.com Scott · (Scott Kurnit); Cornett plans to launch a number of McDonald’s, best buy, Sears, Showtime and other companies in the online advertising in February 14th, each advertisement has a AdKeeper button, the user can click the button to store advertising for future viewing.

AdKeeper each ad has a button, click on the collection after the ad, and then look at

many people, especially in the advertising industry, doubt whether consumers are willing to save any advertising. Cognito said, a study showed that the Nielsen Co, if conditions permit, 56% of consumers will be kept for days after watching the advertisement.

why? Cornett cited many reasons, such as saving coupons and discount information, from the point of appreciation and entertainment advertising, product research (refer to the product data obtained from the advertising plan to buy a product to consumers) etc..

said that if the research data is correct, AdKeeper will become "two times the size of the Twitter", which means that at least 16% of Internet users will use AdKeeper (only about of the civilian Twitter).

not everyone believes this. Forest Research Corporation (Forrester Research) analyst Augie · (Augie Ray); Lei said, "in real life, save behavior may not be rare, people will tear off advertising pages from a magazine, but consumers are not accustomed to do this on the internet. I doubt that there will be a lot of consumers who want to know about AdKeeper, trust it, sign up, save ads, and, most importantly, go back and look at the ads and click on them. AdKeeper it’s not easy to be successful."

Cognito claimed that people will have such doubts, because the traditional way of watching Internet advertising is not like. Consumers generally do not like advertising because it prevents them from browsing the web. However, if you can see the contents of the ads in a more appropriate way, people will not be in conflict with advertising. Cognito said: "we think people like ads, they just hate ads on the internet."

release date than Cornett planned for more than a month late, but he said the original plan did not set a date of death: "originally scheduled for launch in January 11th, but when we started to realize that the consumer electronics exhibition period, we will change your mind."

Cognito said that the company’s second round of financing in January 3rd to get $35 million of funds also have an impact on the release decision, because the money will not only help the company to expand the scale, but also support

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