Hishop starts the entrepreneurial dream of the brave

at present, more and more students are not willing to sit in the classroom every day on the class will do nothing, more and more workers unwilling in the office after a day in and day out full and dreary day he did not leave what, want to change? When the day in front of spreading, rather than the heart want life. There have been more and more brave dare to jump out of your fixed life program, to start, to struggle, to create their own ideal life.

A new approach to entrepreneurship in

network era

according to iResearch consulting quarterly data monitoring in 2009 for the first half of the year, the total online shopping transaction size of 248 billion 350 million yuan in 2009, an increase of more than last year’s expected. Under the influence of the global financial crisis, the network economy has become one of the most affected by the negative impact of the growth of the best hot industry.

today, the development and application of the Internet channel to make online shopping become part of the life of Internet users. Just click the mouse, you can stay at home to buy your favorite products, make shopping process more easily. E-commerce online shopping has justifiably become one of the retail channels, has become a new force in the total retail sales of social consumer goods.

after several years of rapid development, the electronic commerce in our country whether trading environment or credit system has been mature, the network business profitability model, market environment and consumer habits have become an obstacle is no longer a problem, more and more people have accepted online shopping this one thing, a white-collar "copy number family, close to year, online booking is the dinner on New Year’s Eve a hot, this is to represent the general trend. It can be said that individual entrepreneurs choose to open shop, is a very wise choice.

Hishop low cost to open the door to the Internet venture

is the largest provider of boom based on.Net online system recently has eight years of service experience of users — "Hishop" to build a strong business plan, make sail entrepreneurs to low-cost sail entrepreneurial dreams, create their own ideal of life. It is reported that, Hishop has been the principle of "close to the user, create value, make your" business philosophy, in the face of growing entrepreneurial force, Hishop wanted to for the courage to get rid of the existing life, people dare to create their own life as a corporate contribution, to their entrepreneurial path to help a helping hand.

why the plan named "entrepreneurship sail"? It is understood that the name is provided based on the Hishop service package price is very affordable, the basic version of 399 yuan a year, an upgraded version of 688 yuan a year to help customers build an independent shop, daily investment is only 1.1 yuan, low cost is rare. So many because of funding problems and stop entrepreneurs to rekindle the fire, embarked on the road of their own business. There are more sources consignment, shop wholesale, sub store chain to join the three business models, so that entrepreneurs can not only retail direct sales, channel distribution,

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