Chinese B2B Alliance – a brave man

with the network marketing concept gradually known, the importance of network marketing for enterprise development is also getting attention for SMEs, its low cost and agility allow enterprises to have net, many companies have also joined this field, however, network marketing is so simple?

The rapid development of the Internet information

, in recent years has reached a new height, dizzying amount of information every day, and how for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide more accurate and effective information has become the Internet urgent problem, Chinese B2B Alliance for professional and service become the industry leader in website.

in 2011, began to China water industry network and mainone group to negotiate on the industry website Chinese B2B alliance. Prior to this, when people talk about B2B will first think of Alibaba, but there are a lot of business reaction, the Alibaba paid to get a display platform, but did not bring great results.

Why is

Alibaba as a platform is so little success, obviously, the Alibaba provides a display platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprise marketing platform of choice, thus leading to many companies in the same industry to follow suit like the same platform to compete with each other, causing many industry types and users are major industry website the effect of dispersion, as can be imagined scattered resources, rigid procedures, will inevitably lead to a result: they spend money to make money.

companies pay and harvest is not proportional, so many small and medium enterprises began to reflect on and look for new cooperation model.

when the Alibaba in small and medium-sized enterprises of the China B2B alliance has become fashionable for a time, it covers 45 begin to display talents, the mainstream industry, is the only domestic famous website jointly established by the industry alliance.

then, Chinese water industry net give up the fame of the Alibaba, choose to cooperate with China B2B alliance, the Chinese water industry network is focused on enterprises to provide more effective services, and China B2B alliance can not only provide a display platform for them, but also can release their products the supply and demand of information and information on this platform, feedback from potential users can also receive and reply, can provide a more professional and targeted services for suppliers and buyers, the upstream and downstream industry chain integration, formed a complete industrial chain for the Chinese water industry network. After a period of time, China’s water industry network in the field of water has established its own brand, the authority has also been widely recognized by industry users.

after the Alibaba, HC and other traditional B2B outbreak growth, many B2B grow hard or aborted new, and Chinese B2B alliance did not follow the crowd, network marketing model innovation and professional service mode, so seize the first machine in the market, has won a space for one person. Facts have proved that who can provide accurate network marketing services, who can survive in this industry, I believe the Chinese B2B alliance will go in the future

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