Data analysis and consolidation of mainstream SNS websites in China

2008, the domestic Internet industry is the deepest feelings to me: such as the night suddenly rain poured out of the site, SNS, before school, occupying a seat, in the home and happy, and ants, watercress, after 5G, TW, SNS to enter the field of domestic separatist warlords stage.

in recent months, your colleagues are busy in global SNS, webmaster circle of friends is very enthusiastic, in a certain period of time, at 11 in the morning the QQ group are crying as one falls, another rises the slave trade… At the same time in the large and small QQ group can see the friends of the hair of each SNS site registration invitation, the mailbox is also so. As a result, under everyone’s bombing, the size of the SNS web site registered an account, to accompany you to play together.

last week also saw 2 robbin:SNS article "I see" and "loss of SNS users was surprisingly high", originally wanted to write some of their own views on the SNS, but because the two have an expert analysis of domestic SNS website thorough enough, and in front of many predecessors of the SNS had all the definition, so I had to finish some data, by talking map.

I just make a few of my usual imitation of the Facebook SNS

website the following data, such as MySpace friends, 51, eFriendsNet etc. are not included. (the following date is 2008-7-21)

1, SNS site ALEXA rankings:



can be seen from the figure:

1, the eldest brother of the campus network is no doubt that the site traffic has been basically in a stable state, and then up the need for greater efforts to promote the intensity of the. SNS is also the only site in the school to spend a lot of money to promote the

2, happy net houshengkewei. The day has entered the ranks of the 1000, only to catch the watercress. If ALEXA can exclude suspected of cheating, his progress is undoubtedly make people sit up and take notice.

3, the domestic network stopped. The achievements of the domestic IT circle, but with the IT circle of the active character transfer to 5G and TW, the domestic development seems to have been a bit tired.

4, the rapid development of 5GSNS. March average ranking is still one hundred thousand mark, ranking and ranking in January has entered the top 50 thousand.

5, we are in progress, only a network in the back.

two, each SNS site traffic (estimated by ALEXA):


flow here is based on ALEXA estimates, not necessarily guarantee accurate. However, it can be concluded that

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