The new law of the nternet good domain = slag site

used to (in the mid 90s), the use of the words in your website URL, will undoubtedly bring considerable traffic to your site. Many people don’t know how to use the Internet properly, for example, when they want to see a joke, they really will play in the browser address bar".

this kind of thing in the past, every day to produce tens of thousands of times, but now will not.

and the result is that there are a lot of people who do not want to, expensive domain name. When someone buys one, we know that the buyer is not understand the Internet, and this also means that they built the site, many of them are wonderful. Here are a few more obvious examples:


was standing as the name. However, click on the home page can be seen, the domain name is already on sale. Lolcats rampant on the Internet, it is estimated that the price will be high heaven.


the site is rich and practical, for young people to provide a number of ways to make friends and advice, as well as a guide to the party. With lively fresh pictures, super multi theme has become one of the website I love the most.


is redirected to the "Michell’s Fashion Every-Body", the original is so ah ~ well done, but also refueling Oh, Michelle!

! For


"science and technology news, product evaluation, as well as professional technical advice", yes, the Internet so long


well, you’ll be able to see, at least the political network is really talking about politics.


is redirected to However, other people playing "news" is certainly want to see the news rather than Gadget news, it is recommended that CNET will be transferred to the real news media.



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