11 Purchase of the domain name daigou.com transaction price over $1 million 500 thousand

renamed China (eName.cn) October 20th hearing, with the terminal more and more of the domain name, the domain name Pinyin domain name market in the domestic market soared. Recently, there are a number of Pinyin domain to complete the transaction. Domain name investors Xu Jun scored high purchasing Larry daigou.com, the price of over 1 million 500 thousand square. Domain name investor Wu Tianjun scored 6 digits zhongfang.com, it is learned that the seller is a company in Beijing.

diagram: cred.com page screenshot

registered in 2004 "purchasing" Larry daigou.com, belongs to the boutique business domain, has great potential, suitable to build overseas purchasing network, online shopping platform etc.. In recent years, various types of purchasing more and more websites, such as Tesco (ebuyda.com), sea Amoy network (haitao.cn).


domain name zhongfang.com, "real" meaning, suitable to build real estate portal terminal, the terminal is related to the housing group (cred.com). The domain name registered in 2001, has been 13 years of history, is a good real estate domain name.

domain name investors Kang also recently won the high priced killer domain shashou.com, square transfer transaction price of 6 digits or more. Another domain name investors @L.K 350 thousand yuan acquisition of small domain xiaoqu.com, it is understood that the domain name is acquired from a company, buyers or use this domain name. As well as the acquisition of domain name investors JEANSSO 2 "Le donkey" Larry lelv.com.cn/.cn, suitable to build tourism websites.

in addition, the domain name investors @ Shanghai Di Di to sell the five digit price, fortune gold fight the domain name facaijin.com three. The acquisition of the South "trunks" Larry yongku.com. In addition, three spell domain name "taohuodong.com" Chinese Amoy activities "in the five digit platform price change.

is the terminal acquisition of domain name, "shoes" is a Chengdu businessman Larry nvxie.cn with 6 digit successful acquisition, it is reported that the buyers want to create a SNS e-commerce platform in Chengdu women’s hammer with this domain. Otherwise, Beijing excellent car joint technology Co., Ltd. in the 5 successful acquisition of car steward three fight domain name cheguanjia.cn.

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