44 year old cheated 2 million now the company’s market capitalization of billions of you should take

introduction: as an entrepreneur, you should look at these advice.

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he was 44 years old, cheated 2 million after being removed, so the shoulder carrying huge debts.

and his wife divorced, he was a man with father and brother and sister lived in Shenzhen shed, start a business.

said that some people might have guessed who he was.

yes, he is the founder of HUAWEI Ren Zhengfei.

yesterday afternoon, dark horse brother circle of friends is a scraper. Being scraper is a content from micro-blog pictures.

in the picture, the 72 year old founder of HUAWEI, no assistant and a car, he with a massive suitcase, a hand phone, standing in line waiting for a taxi.

then, the picture in micro-blog and even crazy circle of friends, many netizens have to pay tribute to the old man.

: Hello @ section Lingfeng itself is a common thing, but in the luxury of such an era, with such a wealth of people can do this, worthy of tribute.

@ Zheng Dexun: not every sadness can be bred great, but behind every great man is a tragedy.

@F-Jue: it is not easy, when reading, HUAWEI in my impression is only one of many domestic cottage machine, there is no feature, or the resolution of the ugly ugly resistance screen. Development into today’s appearance, is indeed hard won.

@ Ding Donghong: people only feel small, behavior can become great! – Ren Zhengfei

@ Yajun: "Mencius · Wu Li Lou said:" adults, also does not lose its utter innocence. Probably that is this state, rich or poor, or forget the beginning of the heart, the party must always.

@Tony’s World Tour: nothing bad, just not too big. People in the car, in all kinds of preferential taxi software. The only trouble and delay time is the people’s way of life? Or it is Mr Ren Zhengfei’s habit, other people also really need not make a fuss.

@ demon honey: in fact, incoming material level and the cause to these people worry, how the most basic survival ability will not do, it is no longer need to emphasize the existence and sense of superiority to disguise or worship.

@ dream factory next door: This is the corporate culture. Big boss in the rental economy class (I do not know), the following on the amount of it. In principle, this approach is more effective than meeting to talk about hard work.

said earlier this year, Ren Zhengfei has been photographed friends at night to catch a flight scene, he alone dragging luggage to take shuttle bus, looks very haggard face.

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