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YAHOO appointed former Google executive Meijer as the new CEO

Beijing time on July 17th morning news, YAHOO on Monday announced that the company has appointed former Google executive Marisa · Meijer (Marissa Mayer) as the new president and CEO, at the same time the appointment to the board of directors YAHOO, came into effect from July 17th. Affected by this news, YAHOO shares rose more than 2% hours.

YAHOO said the company will re focus on promoting the user experience and advertising revenue areas. YAHOO is one of the world’s largest consumer Internet brands, including YAHOO finance, YAHOO sports, YAHOO mobile, YAHOO mail and YAHOO search.

this, Twitter chairman and CEO have sent micro-blog congratulations, said Meijer is the perfect candidate. The decision that Google was surprised, because Meijer has worked at Google for many years and important positions had no one knows Meijer will leave a message.

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YAHOO appointed former Google executive Meijer as the new CEO

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Baidu announced: site query site can be returned to normal by the

Admin5 station network in July 20 news, Baidu today announced that the site Webmaster Platform grammar has returned to normal, while increasing the new entrance site can injure complaints, complaints. Baidu will regularly publish complaints on the part of the site of injury and dynamic feedback on the platform.

event review:

in June 28th and in July 13th, Baidu appeared a large number of sites included abnormal or even K station phenomenon. Many personal webmaster. A lot of Web site rankings and the site contains a large amount of volatility, the data returned by the site query syntax is very unstable. July 13th second large-scale K station phenomenon is the webmaster dubbed black Friday". Due to the phenomenon of K station is too serious, personal webmaster heavy losses, and even the formation of a lot of webmasters to form anti Baidu alliance a lot of malicious clicks on the popular keywords Baidu bidding advertising events.

latest results:

Baidu webmaster platform announced yesterday that the system in the update process out of some of the situation, leading to site syntax query that is the value of is not allowed to return, the majority of the site site syntax query >

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