Google search ads will change from text to graphics format

Adsense network June 22nd news, Google is testing a new context sensitive search advertising. Google is planning to shift from the full text of the ad to pictures, prices and more information that can lead to more visual interest.

Google is testing a new advertising format called "product ad" (advertising), to replace part of the full text, banner ads and two lines of text format. Google has been selling the ad since it began selling it. This is a huge change for Google, but also for consumers.

Google last week sent a new ad format to the selected advertisers with email and made technical details about the ad. We will see the details in this kind of advertising. According to the Wall Street Journal reported that Google called this version of the test. Google defines advertising as a product of specific information in terms of price and product images. Google says it is testing to find the most efficient format.

One of the differences in

product advertising is that advertisers will pay commissions to Google on the basis of the actual sales of its Web site, rather than pay commission on the basis of the user clicks on the ad. Product advertising will be provided through the Google library, just like Google now do advertising. However, Google said it would provide "conspicuous advertising" through the product advertising program".

Google spokesman said that this test is only a small number of U.S. users can see, and stressed that Google has been constantly testing new advertising features. This test is only part of Google’s new ad format. With the maturity of the core search advertising business, Google is seeking new ways to increase revenue. Google’s new plan is for banner ads and video ads. Google in the past two advertising market performance is not very good.

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