Rainstorm weather we should do six protection

continuous heavy rain, many people in the city’s life has brought great inconvenience, not only affects people’s lives, but also because the protection work is not done in place, but also affect people’s health. In short, the South continued to rain, and more flooding, bring inconvenience, and even endanger the safety of persons and property. Continuous heavy rain days, in particular, should pay attention to the following precautions.

anti dermatitis, clean and prepare ointment

heavy rain caused by not timely excretion of water in the street, if a long soak in the water soaked parts of the legs, may be pale and swollen, may also cause severe infection and ulcer. Therefore, as far as possible to go out on a rainy day, to avoid prolonged stay in the water. If wading, after returning home in a timely manner with water and soap wash water area and dry in the toe between folds and keep clean and dry powder.

go out in the rain boots and suggestions. However, after heavy rain in summer in the South humid climate, climate is more humid, boots or airtight and footwear are likely to cause fungal growth and spread, should change their socks every day, often brush shoes. No matter what the situation, if the foot itching, erythema and other symptoms to timely medical treatment, the home can also be prepared with a number of antifungal ingredients containing compound ointment.

lightning protection, electrical power does not shower

summer rainstorm is often accompanied by thunder and lightning. After receiving rainstorm warning, try not to go out. Home doors and windows should be closed, to prevent lightning strike indoors. At the same time, the electrical power plug in the home, such as television and computer can prevent lightning damage to the electrical fire and burglary; try not to call, mobile phone and landline, does not use the telephone line; no shower, solar water heater, because of lightning current through the water conduction caused casualties; as far as possible without air conditioning, curtains the combustible material should be away from the air, to prevent lightning from outdoor air conditioning into the indoor machine lead to short-circuit.

thunderstorm days if you must go out, it is best to wear boots, can play a role in insulation. When walking down the wire guard, try to choose the open ground, don’t shelter under a tree, not near the power facilities, such as power lines and transformer etc.. Encountered lightning, immediately squat, leaning forward, feet together, quickly took off all metal accessories.

furniture is the key food mildew,

high temperature in summer, continuous rainstorm air humidity increased to more than 80%, coupled with adequate oxygen, on the mold to provide growth and reproduction of the "excellent" soil. Active mold will cause moldy furniture, food spoilage, its tiny spore blooms may also be inhaled, tonsillitis, bronchitis, asthma and other causes. Therefore, toilet and kitchen places after the water to remove water, mop water stains. Furniture, cabinets use charcoal, >

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