Ma Yun ten is the true saying turn crazy

first sentence: "people are forced out".

second sentence: "if you simply, the world is simple for you".

third sentence: "life is not a rehearsal, every day is live".

occasionally thought that if life is like a video game, playing bad choice again, what life would be like? Because of the passage of time gone for ever, every day can not be recovered, so we must cherish every moment, honor their parents, loving, caring, kind to friends!

fourth sentence: "she just like pregnancy, a long time can let a person see".

fifth sentence: "in the past every liquor has thousand cups little, now every thousand cups of wine have less".

sixth sentence: "in life, if the wrong direction, to stop that progress".

seventh sentence: "two tragedies in life: one is All thoughts are blasted. is smug".

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