Cigar shop business more prosperous personal assets have more than 2 million yuan

Liu Xuechun, 26, was born in Jiangsu province. At the age of 19, Liu Xuechun failed in the college entrance examination. In order not to increase the burden of family, she gave up her repeat, went to Shanghai and several fellow sisters, easy to find work in the outskirts of a garment factory.

2004 the year before the Spring Festival, the consent of the employer’s consent, Liu Xuechun nurse fellow in Shanghai invited her to play in the past show. Liu Xuechun came to Mr. Shen Hsiu’s employer, was immediately attracted indoor luxurious decoration. In the afternoon, Mr. Shen went home with several guests. Just sit down, he let out a Xiu a beautifully wrapped box from the storage room: "today I ask you to taste the authentic Cuban cigars."

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