Accurately grasp the future trend of consumption

enterprises in order to survive to seize the consumer trends, with this premise, the business will become increasingly prosperous. In 90s, SONY Walkman was popular around the world; at the beginning of this century, the first generation of iPod nano since its inception, has created a new digital music era, the era of consumer to create a logo best-selling product success can be said to be a typical representative of the enterprise product innovation tide, an important reason for this kind of the success of products is that they meet the age of consumer trends, and into the consumer lifestyle.

in the best-selling products consumption trends in living

a product can not sell well, create a good situation, in fact, in the stage of product development is a basic picture. Because, if a product can match or lead consumer trends, then do not want to think, this product must sell. Product (Product) this feature in many appearance and industrial design oriented industries more prominent, such as IT digital, automotive, home appliances and other industries.

if specific to the products on the market, we may be more clear, such as the iPod digital music player from the United States into the market will become a new era of young people around the world the digital consumer products, enjoys a global reputation, and its sales have accounted for almost 1/3 of all Apple Corp product sales; also, from the Chinese Aigo MP3 player before the launch of the box, once carried out a large number of young people in the consumer life style and form of research, and the moonlight will be launched by the cause of the majority of young people also became a sought after race, China MP3 market endorsement; and the global mobile phone industry overlord?? from Scandinavia Finland NOKIA told consumers: NOKIA is currently being developed after 5 years of mobile phone products, because now the products as early as 5 years ago, he We have designed it.

three have a common characteristic, their products have created a miracle of the market, and the same reason and create a market miracle is, they have made deep research on the life style and form of consumers so they launched products to meet consumer trends, leading the trend of consumption. Follow the future development. It is no wonder that, although the pace of change in the lives of today’s consumers can be described with each passing day, but NOKIA has been able to successfully pursue consumer trends after 5 years of consumer.


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