Business can not be addicted to mahjong

mahjong this campaign, although it is an international competition, however, if excessive indulgence, will only have an impact on our lives. In particular, some retail shopkeepers, usually busy shop business, playing mahjong is not. However, some shopkeepers are too obsessed with the business development of the shops have been affected. So, do business can not indulge in mahjong.

that morning, I found a box of Ceylon milk tea shop is the date of December last year, from the shelf life is approaching, hastened to contact the clerk to call back. When the business received a phone call, happy to promise me, the afternoon will be. Sure enough, in the afternoon, the salesman as scheduled. The clerk said: "Ceylon tea no new date of the goods, give you change into a box of nutrition express good ah." I said: "yes, as long as the new date on it."

then the salesman told me two months ago to a supermarket goods, the supermarket has five boxes of expiring sugar Sydney, then the supermarket in the old two sit at the mahjong table playing mahjong, the clerk said to give them back the transfer of goods, the two old people at the mahjong table how not to, but the clerk had to go. But a few days ago, the supermarket boss again telephoned the clerk said, inventory five boxes of sugar Sydney has expired more than a month.

salesman asked: "I have to go to your supermarket to give you back? You won’t be able to sit down on the deck" The supermarket owner also admitted that there is such a thing. Salesman said: "now expired so long, you look for me, I have no way, you still find our boss."

from this matter we can see shopkeepers, business people, because not many mahjong and indulge in the store. Is this a few boxes of goods, after a period of money is not worth, even before the advent in the family, salesman to return goods, we can also think of a way to dispose of, even buy one get one, can save a little unnecessary loss. But now people caused no loss of capital return, this is called money lessons.

in fact, the usual operation of our retail business owners because of the delay in the case of playing cards and a few. Take my own terms, I do not know when to get caught up in the network fun landlord. When a good hand at the beginning, the outside in a customer to buy something, I did not like to see people in the same customer, obsessed with this hand quickly, when people choose to pay the customer goods, I said, please wait for a moment?

met a good customer is good, people will come in with a look at the card, the customer is not good to talk, people will throw away the goods go. When I become a card, and then look at the other customers have gone far. So this is the obsession with Mah Jong, we’re finished

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