How do name the recharge shop

has done a lot of people probably know Taobao business, the beginning of the credibility of the shop, will do some recharge business. So, we can say that most of the Taobao stores have experienced such an experience of recharge business. However, if you want to recharge business is good, nature is also need the right name. So, how to recharge shop name? Here, let Xiaobian to introduce how I give the name of the recharge shop.

opened several shop, at first the identity of the audit in accordance with the requirements that are easy to handle, can upload data, just wait, through the audit, to give their own shop name, this have to be careful, because only allowed to modify the three times.

that I am an example of it, I was a member of the office, there is no more time to purchase shipping, so I thought of a virtual recharge, my user name is fortune77.

After the

, but also checked the dictionary, Baidu search, finally feel a "wealth free charge" in the name of good, so set the.

is English what to write, the future for the two level domain when convenient, wealth English is fortune, but in the domain name in some long, and the name had been occupied, then analyzed the wealth, Pinyin is Caifu, the free English is free, fashionable approach is to put the two a, caifree, the first half of this can be seen in the shadow of wealth, and the latter reflects the freedom for filling the word would not reflect.

Chinese name and domain name, it is best to see if you choose the two level domain name is already used in the shop, if not, you name it, so sometimes still remind you to register the domain name has been registered, it does not matter, patiently waiting for him for a long time, do not use words it will be released, you regularly go up, have the opportunity, if not equal, then re registered.

in order to store up a good name, but many people spent countless heart, into the capital, however, are not necessarily the right name. On the contrary, according to their own position, but it is easier for the store to get a good name. So, if you are ready to open a recharge shop, do you know how to shop name?

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