Photography : Covering The Uncovered

first_imgIf we question ‘what is photography?’ Normally the answer that comes first is, ‘photography is nothing but capturing different and beautiful scenes.’ It could be a natural or social scene! But is it true that photography is just about capturing different and beautiful scenes? No! This is not true at and also we can’t neglect this thought because we all know that we the humans are the worshipers of beauty.Thus, because of this nature, we are always desperate to frame ‘Beauty’.With the advancement of science and technology, now it has become easier to capture emotions on camera. Cameras are available on all kinds of phones and today, hardly there are any people who don’t like taking photographs.Whether it’s nature photography or capturing the fond memories and important moments of life, we are always ready to click every single moment that we spend. At present photography is being used form manifold purposes. It is not just used to capture ‘beauty’ or ‘beautiful things’; nowadaysphotography has become capturing the pres-ent and seeing them in future as a past. It is difficult to find people today who do not love photography.There are some people in our society who are very addicted to photography. They have taken up photography as their profession. We call them professional photographers. All these professional and skilled photographers capture different moments and landscapes. They bring many amazing natural scenes, some of which we may never have been able to see with our own eyes. From the mountains to the seas and from the north pole to the south pole, photographers are going everywhere. They are contributing to society by bringing the world closer.But it is not easy to be a photographer; a good photographer also needs some economical support. A photograph needs a beautiful place and a lot of money and resources are essential. That is why for the economical barrier day by day photography is becoming the fancy of the rich.It is quite natural that a photographer also has to earn money. But due to financial constraints, he couldn’t visit far-off places and extraordinary moments, which the demands today. But if you think with a perfect mind, we find that places around provide a better scope of getting good photographs Then why are we so desperate to go so far?In a society, there are many social scenes that a photographer could capture. Then why don’t photographers capture these scenes? Do we need to see beautiful things? Do we only to watch the beauty of nature? What ist motive behind this? If we go to a nearby village, there are many such scenes where ap or a family is starving for food. There  are helpless people who are dying due to lack of treatment. There are many who are not getting an education and due to poverty, they are to spread their hands on the streets.Why only beauty? Why only a fond memory? Why are we running for only good things? If nature is to only see and capture beautiful things, then we must change this habit. Because we do not have to see only beautiful sceneries, we also have to see and capture the ugly and unfair things of our society as well to make it beautiful! We need to capture the truth! This is the responsibility of each and every photographer to click those truths and present them before society.  How meaningless are our eyes! How worse is our habit? Today we all can take a pledge that  we will not cover only the beautiful things,but we will uncover the ugly truths, to bring a change in the society, to turn the ugliness into a beauty!– Subhajit Parbatlast_img

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