The War within: Demise of Truth

first_imgSince the day the coverage of late actor Shushant Singh Rajput’s untimely death commenced over the private TV news channels and has not abated yet during the time of Corona Pandemic and economic debacle, many seniors, respected and popular (Ex) journalists, who were once part of these same private TV news channels, are angry likewise worried about the current state of TV journalism in India moreover unable to fathom the reasons behind such large scale coverage of Sushant or Kangana or being less critical of Central dispensation.It is not about being critical of the government or covering the issues which matter most. It is about a well-planned strategy, the strategy of making people angry and thusly diverting attention from the important issues. The general belief is that these are TV news channels just like newspapers whose job is to serve the news.Anger is our most natural and automatic response to anything, we feel as something wrong or unjustifiable has happened. Second, TV news wants a popular face or personality or incident so that they can attract the attention of the viewers. Thusly the Gandhi family and Congress have been criticized to such an extent that now they have lost their credibility. Hence people feel anger towards Congress and Gandhi Family because the general perception is that Congress has done nothing in their 60 or 70 years of consecutive rule (?).Similarly, Sushant’s death had all the ingredients required for the recipe: he was popular a face further, had committed suicide at a very early age. Thus, the canvass was painted that he committed because he was an outsider and because of nepotism in the Bollywood (so he might have been compelled to commit suicide?) this wrong made people angry.Same in the case of Kangana Ranaut, a popular face, a woman and a vendetta this was enough to generate anger among the viewers, therefore, such a wide coverage moreover Kangana very categorically held Uddhav Thackeray responsible, on the contrary, no member of Thackeray had said anything about Kangana it was Sanjay Raut but Raut is not as popular as Thackeray’s.Importantly, Why are these news Anchors being so aggressive in their presentation? Because they themselves know very well that they are not serving any news they are serving entertainment, hence they talk out loudly, thump on the table so that they would have our constant attention and we won’t switch the channel. Otherwise, just think why does an Anchor need to shout? An Anchor debating over the issue of Corona Pandemic, economic debacle, unemployment, job losses, GDP, farmers suicide, Dalits issue etc. would he/she scream and thump his/her table?Moreover, their reach and range have expanded beyond TV, now they have their own Facebook page, YouTube channel, although we skip them on TV they would pop up on our Facebook or YouTube because of the algorithm.Hence, people rather than worrying about their own problems and future are more concerned about Shushant’s death and Kangana’s demolished portion of office because of wrong and injustice happened with them and thus they become angry. In this anger we utterly forget that we have lost our jobs, our earnings have reduced, the increasing numbers of Coronavirus. Additionally, we don’t talk about inflation anymore. For instance, while filling patrol on the Gas station, which is RS. 90 per litre (mind you!), in our mind we are thinking about Shushant’s injustice, nepotism and Kangana.Why opposition is silent? The answer is simple if 7 out 10 TV channels are discussing the same issue who would dare to go against them? For instance, Congress and Rahul Gandhi did not think that surgical strike was a big issue in the 2019 general election and hence he continuously talked about the unemployment and NYAY scheme and the outcome we all know.So, everything is done through the well planned and thought out strategy i.e. to divert the attention of the people from the more concerning issues similarly always keep the bacon of anger burning inside them over one or the other issue. Thusly, topics are chosen on the perception of the masses such as Hindu-Muslim, Kashmir, Pakistan, terrorism, Rahul Gandhi.If you are thinking that they would change, then, unfortunately, they won’t, because they now have the confidence that they have gotten the power and people would believe anything they would say, because 7 out of 10 channels would say the same thing thus, they have changed the whole concept of truth.Now we can only say, “God save the Democracy!”last_img

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