nvestment kindergarten cost investment analysis

How many

investment cost of kindergarten? With the development of these years, education has always been the concern of developers, now doing business, need to calculate two aspects, one is the first phase of investment, a reserve fund, later today, about to open a kindergarten the first phase of investment, for you to calculate


site fees

is owned property or self clearing?


is ready to undertake the park, or rental housing


if the rent is paid, pay half a year or longer


this is a piece of the largest initial investment effect.


decoration a look at the original site, the two is to look at the decoration, very different.

How to


is not blank room? The original decoration are available which are not available in

?High grade decoration (

associated with the position)?

input device

outdoor toys: 2-4 million.

also depends on the specific location.

= the first input Shoufu rent + renovation investment + + initial equipment investment operating expenses (1-3 months salary / daily procurement / reserve fund).

, a medium-sized kindergarten investment may be between 30-150 million, in order to determine the specific needs.

How many

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