Such a barbecue shop is no better than the decoration of the same marketing

What is the best brand of

barbecue, Xiangxi barbecue area is of course. Changsha Higashiuri mountain delicacy street Chinese reputation home and abroad, is bored to chowhound paradise. Here there is such a shop: there is no gorgeous decoration style, there is no unique product marketing strategy, but a hundred square meters of operating the store, but it can make a monthly turnover of 500 thousand. You’ll wonder how it’s done.

shop owner at the end of 2015 founded champion Hui roast, breath out of 4 stores in the second half of the year, and everyone is hot.

no dazzling decoration, not like a raging fire of marketing, the founder of Deng Huaidong in the dishes make great efforts to cultivate a shidashi catering skills.

what? Did not decorate, do not play marketing, 100 square meters shop actually earned $500 thousand

dishes inside

down to earth

Our products

taste and price is around three words:

down to earth!

from the skewers to dishes, taste types are dominated by the people of Hunan to accept the spicy, we never find a gimmick in the taste, but the heart in cooking.

took a most homely example of fried rice, we used rice is Thailand jasmine rice, Steamed Rice to steam rather than cooked, but to use a bamboo steamer, which can make better water distribution, steamed out Milili clear, full and lustrous, steamed Steamed Rice should be put in the electric fan blowing dry cooling fry, Steamed Rice aroma, taste and play without adhesion.

Xiangxi barbecue is the biggest characteristic of small sign on, less meat on the hand of a single point, a ten string, eat up not greasy nor support belly, imperceptibly can destroy dozens of strings.

meat string price of not more than 20 yuan a hand, as long as the string of $10 yuan, and more than 10-20 yuan between the staple food and staple food, the most expensive is not more than 30 yuan.

business lunch is a face, fast food about convenience and fast, casual dining on the high environmental requirements, snacks to eat authentic and nostalgia.

is the supper, to eat is a lively atmosphere. I think the snack shop can have forced, but not the loading force, the dining environment and products to take GA.

skewers as road sub goods, appearing "down to earth", first of all to make people feel comfortable, not too fastidious. We are not even the designer store please, how fun how to decorate, wall murals and graffiti, which is very simple with young people cool attitude to life right.

string is now through the baking, Ming file production


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