The name should have personality

how to attract consumers faster? In this problem in practice is that many owners take a new name, to attract consumers. Open a store in the urban areas, how to make their own stores to attract customers, the hearts of the people? Of course, is a "big name". Many shopkeepers for brains, so all kinds of homophonic words and Idioms "grotesque" stately onto the street billboards, shop signs, some names make people laugh or cry.

out of the "grid to the United States," and into the "clothing hall garden".

10 pm yesterday, the reporter saw the pedestrian street in the world, where many shops name is very trendy, selling clothes clothing shop "clothing soliciting" clothing "temple garden" heart "clothing clothing"…… Shoe shoe a "fashion" and your foot "social shoes"…… Selling groceries to open lattice shop grocery store named "gelaimei" "lattice can be"…… A boutique named "gold" full decoration decorated home decoration beauty"…… The shop name, is the use of homophonic words into the shop make only superficial changes, publicity language.

walked along the street, personality name is everywhere. Mr Li told reporters that there is a barber shop called "a beauty" near his home, there is a restaurant called "good food house", which makes him particularly admire the owner name level.


name for showmanship


In an interview with

, a shopkeeper told reporters, doing nothing more than trying to attract popularity, let everyone remember his shop, because other shops are a good name, if oneself too "mediocre" is not level. Some customers may see our shop name is more alternative, you will feel that we sell things will be more trendy bar." Another shopkeeper said.

for individual name, not a public opinion. Lin Changzhong is a retired teacher, he said, but do not have new in order to be different, to be reflected in the name of the owner, provide services and goods can have innovative things inside, if there is a personal name, while ignoring the most buyers need something that some have the order reversed. Moreover, some of the indiscriminate use of words will affect the perception of minors.

engaged in clerical work of Miss Lee is a "fashion Master", often go out shopping, for personal name, she felt she should be forgiving, after all, this is a kind of folk wisdom.

"creativity" and "wisdom" should be

Wang Xiaoyu, a staff member of the office of the Weihai Municipal Committee for the work of the language and language of the people’s Republic of China (

), said that the standard and standard of language and language directly affect the communication between people and reflect the social civilization. Work as a language

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