What are the specific process of opening domestic companies

domestic service in recent years can be said that due to the market demand change, has become very popular, more and more entrepreneurs and investors began turning to the domestic investment, so that domestic companies are now open what process?

First, the required amount of

Second, domestic companies

Fourth, find the company position

fifth, prepare for office documents

apply for business license with the rental contract, corporate identity and other information to Industrial and Commercial Bureau handle. Individual management costs of about 300 yuan, including business license, tax card, tax certificate, organization code certificate. Which must be a business license and a local tax card. Company business license to see its registered capital, the general cost of 2000 – 3000 yuan. Housing lease contract, legal identity card, the identity of the shares of the partner, to apply for business license, tax card, tax card, organization code certificate, the public accounts.


to successfully operate a housekeeping service company, you first need to know to open the domestic service companies should have a specific opening process, so in preparing the company’s domestic investment can do handy.


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