Active marketing to make business more popular

cold weather, people are not willing to go out, a lot of shops naturally affected the business, product sales is a straight line decline. Since the beginning of winter, as the temperature dropped, the customer is too cold, the store has become idle a lot. However, the customer manager in the store when I visited the praise.

"sister Wang, I am responsible for this piece of customers, this month, cigarette sales are basically down, your house is selling cigarettes are good, you see, sales than last month, a lot of it, you have not noticed?"

Yin manager for the analysis of my heart has already been a few, indeed, this month, three categories of cigarettes sold more than last month, nearly more than and 150.

"Yin manager, this credit is due to my husband."

"or my wife has seen, if not the way she wants, this month’s sales can not have such a big increase." Husband in the side honest smirk said.

The original

, before a few every day especially cold, the store came two customers into the store, choose a lot of goods, in order to win the two "head off" into "repeat", I have two customers each poured a cup of hot water, and they pulled a homemade, set up near the results. And from their conversation, I dig into a big business.

the two of them are migrant workers, at a distance of four kilometers outside of my store "precipitation River" dam repair project, because of the summer drought, through the Wangwu reservoir water river there are many places have been damaged, serious water seepage, the municipal government decided to use two months of time on the precipitation River "" repair, so it attracted a large number of migrant workers. As the "River" from the village is relatively far away, there is no shop along the river, therefore, workers need to four kilometers outside the village to buy goods, extremely inconvenient.

"you have a lot of shops in the village, we began to buy things in the store, and later heard that your shop is still relatively large, so I came to your house."

said no, the listener interested. Two customers if it is to give me a wake up, even if the two workers can become my back, maybe some other workers would be to shop to buy, want to take "precipitation River" maintenance workers become our only customer, there is only one way, so they can’t do the door at home go door-to-door.

so, my husband and I talk a bit, buy a cooler, a pot of rice porridge, take some Steamed Buns, mustard, sausage and other food, and cigarettes, every noon and in the evening, when the workers work, of course, husband car pulled the goods directly to the "precipitation River" River to sell that is free to drink gruel, the workers. Soon, the river 7>

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