How to do animation promotion

animation industry development is very fast, and its surrounding products have also been sought after by animation enthusiasts. Some people want to open the animation store, in order to quickly occupy the initiative in the market, you have to do a good job promotions. So how to do animation promotion? Here are some tips to promote it.

in the holidays, the price of the animation chain stores on the customer into the store rate plays a very important role. Therefore, the animation chain stores to carry out commodity price stratification, to capture a full range of multi-level consumer audience. The price is too high will be lost in the low-end customers, the price is too low will be lost in the high-end part of the customer, and the high-end price, any one class consumers can enter the store consumption. Animation chain store operators should be based on their own location to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the development of appropriate commodity prices to attract consumers.

In the anime

chain store entrance through POP, leaflets, banners, etc. the store promotional activities. This is the legend of the promotion of promotional information to stimulate the law, to ignite the consumer sentiment of the animation chain target customer base. A survey shows that: customers are infected by the atmosphere of this kind of publicity into the probability of 40%. The animation chain can also use POP, posters, flags, balloons, flowers, shadow campaign, attention, the effect is significant.

in the animation chain consumer terminals, and sometimes even more important than the product service. So, the animation chain store greeters need full of emotion transfer happy consumption concept. For the welcome, enthusiasm is important, but the key is to allow customers to hear his voice, and tap the potential of material consumption and spiritual impulse of desire. Because, when the chain store customers into the store consumption, the mind is often confused, so the clerk needs to use the mood to infect the customer’s mood, let the customer happy and satisfied.

is well known, the location of the chain store shopping guide can not affect the customer into the store, which is very critical, must not be negligent. Because the rationality of chain store shopping guide at the animation will reduce the customer’s psychological defense. In the guidance of the customer, the most appropriate location of the chain store shopping guide should be on the right hand side of the customer, so it is convenient for customers to ask. In daily life, we will find that careful observation, in the Commercial Street entrance of the right hand side, the left hand side is better than the shops often, at the same time, to face a greeter is appropriate, when customers see the animation of chain stores is a face, the heart of the pressure will be relatively large, but the face is not. This is something we can appreciate in daily life, but also the most easily overlooked.

above is about the promotion of some tips, you get what experience? For entrepreneurs, the animation industry is still very worthy of attention, choose a good project, to find a suitable marketing skills, I believe you can also be successful profit.


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